School of Social Work

Written Case Review

Written Case Review Directions

  • Each student will write a maximum 12-page paper
    • Any text beyond 12 pages will not be considered in the evaluation of the case review; this includes appendices, charts, and downloaded documents.
  • This paper is be solely the graduate student’s responsibility
  • Your paper will analyze the case while integrating core social work content (key elements)
  • For micro and mezzo focused reviews please follow these prompts Key elements of the case (PDF)
  • For macro focused reviews please follow these prompts for macro key elements (PDF).
  • APA formatting is required including:
    • 12-point font
    • One-inch margins
    • Double spacing
    • Complete citations
    • Clear reference and cover page (these are not included in the 12-page count)
  • You are expected to paraphrase and cite the relevant literature demonstrating your understanding of the existing evidence
    • You may have written about this case in a course assignment(s), for your case review you are required to write a new description of the case
      • You may not quote yourself, so be sure to paraphrase appropriately

Turning In Your Case Review

  • Submit your case review February 8, 2023. 
  • The case review will be turned in online (using a Turnitin link in the Masters in Social Work Organization located on Blackboard that will be set up for this purpose)

Comprehensive Case Review Evaluation (Grading)

  • Your case review will be read and evaluated by two faculty members who serve on the comprehensive case review committee
  • Your case review will be graded on the breadth, depth, and application of the core content areas (key elements) to the case
  • Each section will receive a score of “pass” or “needs revision”
  • All sections must be passed to pass the case review.
  • In the case of disagreement on the part of the two faculty readers, a third faculty member will review the comprehensive case review to cast the deciding vote

 If Revision(s) are Needed

  • Any sections that are evaluated as needing revision will be returned to the student to rewrite those sections
  • Students then will have to rewrite those sections and submit the entire case review, with the rewritten sections, via Turnitin using the comprehensive case review revision link that will be created for that purpose
  • Evaluators will provide written comments and instructions for revisions and/or rewriting
  • The Office of Graduate Studies’ rules allow students to submit only one revised comprehensive case review

*Please note: Faculty, including writing coaches and tutors, will not read, correct, or critique comprehensive case reviews prior to submission; however, faculty including field instructors may discuss ideas and concepts with student authors.