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April Newsletter

april newsletter 2023

celeste jonesThe School of Social Work has been through some leadership changes and updates. Celeste A. Jones is the current director of the school, Michele Eggers is the Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) director, Meka Klungtvet-Morano and Chelsea Cornell are the codirectors of the Master of Social Work (MSW) program, and Molly Calhoun is the distributed learning coordinator. Although Vincent Ornelas has now shifted to only teaching, we would like to thank him for his many years of service as the BSW director. We have two new faculty, Cindy Vang and Juni Banerjee-Stevens, we received several new grants, and the Advisory Board held a Town Hall: Building Our Social Work Community forum on April 20. The forum discussed feedback from our curriculum review survey, asked for more feedback, and seek gaps in the curriculum.

This newsletter is the first of many and is sponsored by the School of Social Work Advisory Board. We will have at least one newsletter a year, and more if possible. This is our attempt to let the community know what the School of Social Work, the faculty, the students, and our alumni have been up to.

This issue you will be introduced to our new faculty, learn about alumni, our students in practicum, what the faculty are currently working on, our recent grant awards, events in the community, and more!

Sincerely, Celeste Celeste A. Jones MSW, PhD D

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In this Issue

2 Student Success

3-4 Alumni: Where are They Now?

5-6 Practicum Profile

6-7 New Faculty

8 Faculty Focus

9 School of Social Work Grants

10 Research Corner

11-12 Program Updates

13 Curriculum Updates

14 Events

15 Student Associations

16 New Building