School of Social Work

Campus Wide Resources

Resources listed are available to all students

Health & Wellness
WellCat Counseling Center(opens in new window)Provides emergency Services, peer/ group coaching, individual counseling, and Zen Den spaces.
WellCat Health Center(opens in new window)Provides medical services, immunizations, pharmacy, health education/ promotion, and much more. 
WellCat Prevention(opens in new window)Support related to Alcohol and Drug use.
WellCat Safe Place(opens in new window)Support for traumatic experiences.
You@CSUChico(opens in new window)Tools and Tips for everything mental and physical health, friendships, and finding balance.

ZocDoc Article(opens in new window)

Self-Harm and Suicide Prevention Hotlines and Webpages(opens in new window)

Prevention of Self-Harm: Information on seeking help and what to look for in young adults who may be doing this. This article aims to help family and loved ones, prevent it entirely. 

Callisto - Anonymous Sexual Assault Documentation, Matching, and Resources for Survivors(opens in new window)

A tool that was built based on public health evidence related to sexual assault demonstrating that 90% of campus sexual assaults are perpetrated by repeat offenders. Sexual violence perpetrators on campuses have been found to perpetrate sexual violence an average of 6 times while in college. 

Project Callisto ( in new window)) is a third-party organization (not affiliated with the university) that provides a number of resources for anyone with a current Chico State email as of March 1, 2023. We have been working with Project Callisto so that all students, faculty, and staff can use this as a resource. This is an evidence-based and survivor-centered system with multiple resources. Project Callisto currently work with several universities across the country, and they are expanding to offer to all universities in the United States within the next year.     

  • The first resource is a Matching System. Anyone with a Chico State email address who has an experience with sexual assault can enter the perpetrator’s social media handles, phone number, and email address into the system. If another person also enters that same perpetrator’s information (it must be the same social media handle, phone number, or email), then there is a “match.” When a match occurs, a lawyer who specialized in sexual assault cases contacts both survivors and provides up to 10 hours of free law consultation for each survivor. The survivors will be given the option of combining (and strengthening) cases and all legal and non-legal options will be explained by the lawyer in a survivor-centered way. 
  • The second survivor-centered resource is the encrypted record form that offers survivors a place in which they can record what they remember about the event. This is an encrypted form- so only the survivor has access to it. The form includes questions that are legally informed to help the person remember and record specific details, but the survivor can choose to skip any questions they wish to skip. They can also come back to the form and add additional details that they may not have remembered initially. This resource can be used in legal cases to document the date they first completed the report and can be downloaded for reporting purposes by the survivor if they would like to use it in reporting. Otherwise, the report is encrypted and stays in the system. The survivor can also choose to delete the form at any time.
Basic Needs
Hungry Wild Cat Food Pantry(opens in new window)Supplemental food and quality meal access.
CalFresh Food (SNAP)(opens in new window)Education, resources, and application assistance for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.
Basic Needs Housing(opens in new window)Assists eligible students with short term housing, homeless prevention services, housing/ renting advising, permanent housing assistance, and more.
Emergency Loans & Grants(opens in new window)Assists eligible students experiencing unexpected economic crisis with financial assistance via grants. 
Academic and Career Support
Student Learning Center(opens in new window)Writing center, study skills, workshops, and tutoring. 
BSS Success Centers(opens in new window) General tutoring, study space, printing, and advising.
Academic Advising Programs(opens in new window)General Education Advising.
Graduation Advising (opens in new window)General Education and graduation requirement advising, includes applying to graduate.
Graduate Studies(opens in new window) Provides information and resources about Graduate programs available, costs, and how to apply.
Major Advising (opens in new window)Major requirements and course planning, mentorship and guidance, campus resources and support, career planning. 
Career Center(opens in new window)Workshops, resume/cover letter assistance, mock interviewing, job search tools, and grad school application support. 
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Adelante (opens in new window)Program’s mission is to support Latinx and low-income students at California State University, Chico on their undergraduate academic journeys and prepare them for graduate and other post-college opportunities.
Dream Center(opens in new window)Serves as a student success and resource center for the hundreds of undocumented students currently enrolled, as well as, other students from mixed-status immigrant families.
Cross Cultural Leadership Center(opens in new window)Programs that enhance leadership development, cultural awareness, and community education. 
Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (opens in new window)Resources for students, academic and support programs, inclusive events.
Gender and Sexuality Equality Coalition (opens in new window)Education, advocacy, leadership, personal development, and referral services. 
Office of Tribal Relations(opens in new window)Access, social, emotional, and academic support for Native American students.
STAR Center(opens in new window)Provide a place for academic preparation and support for historically underserved students.
PATH Scholars(opens in new window)Program for current and former foster youth and unaccompanied homeless youth- counseling, advising, tutoring, mentoring, and more.
Accessibility Resource Center(opens in new window)Support for students with disabilities, including accommodations and course support.
Financial Aid & Scholarship
Financial Aid & Scholarship Office(opens in new window)Assistance applying for financial aid and maintaining eligibility, scholarship application and information.
IT Support Services(opens in new window)Provides comprehensive technology support to the Chico State community. Faculty, Staff, Students, and others associated with the university.
Learning Technologies(opens in new window)Curated by students to better support you and enhance your experiences with technology. We provide information to support your success in using academic technology in and out of the classroom.