School of Social Work

Hartford Partnership Program in Aging Education (HPPAE)

The School of Social Work was honored and awarded the John A. Hartford Partnership Program in Aging Education (HPPAE) grant for 2006-2009. Once the funding ceased, the HPPAE has sustained through dedication of our community partners and their willingness to continue providing specialized internships and the annual Soroptimist International of Chico, Aging and Gerontology Education (A.G.E.) Award.

The mission of the HPPAE program was and continues to be providing students the opportunity to develop skills in gerontology while becoming leaders in a dynamic field. Students are placed in agencies that serve older adults and provide individual services as well as participate in specialized activities such as facilitating groups, developing grants, and/or providing outreach and community education regarding aging issues. The field program works closely with prospective agencies to develop macro practice opportunities to enhance leadership skills and promote the field of gerontology. The School of Social Work may also collaborate with field agencies to provide macro learning activities when such activities are not available within a particular agency.

In addition, students agree to attend three specialized training seminars/workshops per semester. The training/workshops provide students exposure to the challenges affecting social work with older adults ranging from legal, mental health, planning and advocacy, policy, wellness, and health promotion.

While there is not a specific stipend assigned to the HPPAE program, students are able to apply for the Soroptimist Aging and Gerontology Education (A.G.E.) Award and may also be eligible to apply for the mental health stipend depending on their practicum placement.

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