Cohort II (2012-14) Team List


Team 204

One-to-One for Everyone

Lyman Gilmore Middle School

Grass Valley School District

Team 206

Academic Literacy in History-Social Sciences

Merrill F. West High School

Tracy Unified School District

Team 207

The Phoenix Project

Bird Street Elementary School

Oroville City Elementary School District

Team 208

Yuba City Math Project

Yuba City High School

Yuba City Unified School District

Team 210

Could it be Dyslexia

Nord Country School

Chico Unified School District

Team 211

Improving Student Literacy in the Social Sciences

Weimar Hills School

Placer Hills Union School District

Team 112/212

Brain Grant Part II - Why Don't Students Like School?

Independence High School

Kern High School District

Team 213

River Jim's Adventure Education

Willows Intermediate School

Willows Unified

Team 215

Necessity is the Mother of Invention: Strategies for Engagement

Jackson Heights

Red Bluff Elementary School District

Team 221

The Missing LinC

Evergreen Middle School

Evergreen Union School District

Team 223

Nonfiction Text: Teaching the Common Core Generation

Golden Hills Elementary

Palermo Union

Team 224

Engaging Student Minds with Mathematical Reasoning

Barry Elementary School

Yuba City Unified School District

Team 226

Academic Language & Teamwork For ALL

Valley Springs Elementary

Calaveras Unified School District

Team 229

Improving Literacy and Student Achievement of Economically Disadvantaged Students in the Junior High Setting

Happy Valley Elementary School

Happy Valley Union Elementary School District

Team 230

Mobile eLearning Environment

West Valley High School

Anderson Union High School District

Team 233

Engaging Students of Poverty Through Science

Curtis Creek Elementary School

Curtis Creek Elementary School District

Team 235

Academic Language

Alturas Elementary School

Modoc Joint Unified School District

Team 236

Applying Chemistry Content Using Web 2.0 : A Twist (not a Flip)

Pleasant Valley High School

Chico Unified School District

Team 237

Motivating Students to Succeed Upon Entering High School

Independence High School

Kern High School District

Team 142/242

The Impact of School Bonding on Varied Student Populations

Vineyard STEM Magnet & Mt. Baldy School

Ontario Montclair School District & Mt. Baldy School District

Team 143/243

Learning to Write; Writing to Learn for English Learners Part II

Lathrop Elementary School

Manteca Unified School District

Team 245

Literacy Development for Transient Students

San Joaquin County Court and Community Schools

San Joaquin County Office of Education

Team 149/249

Trekking into Transliteracy with Teacher-Librarians: A Collaborative Odyssey

Chico & PV High Schools; Marsh, Chico & Bidwell Jr. Highs

Chico Unified School District

Team 250

Art Curriculum: Current and Relevant

Pleasant Valley High School and Chico High School

Chico Unified School District

Team 251

Visible Thinking: Increasing Intellectual Work in the Classroom

Chico High School; Pleasant Valley High School

Chico Unified School District

Team 258

Professional Development for Teachers in the 21st Century

John Ehrhardt Elementary

Elk Grove Unified School District

Team 267

Creating a Watershed Academy

Nevada City School of the Arts

Nevada County Superintendent of Schools

Team 270

Intervention with Students of Impoverished Families

Oroville High School

Oroville Union High School District

Team 272

Integration through Project Based Learning

Chico Country Day School

Chico Country Day School

Team 276

Learning to Write, Writing to Learn

Apricot Valley Elementary School

Patterson Joint Unified School District