Co-Teaching & Community Engagement

Teaching the Camp Fire

On November 8, 2018 a devastating wildfire destroyed the town of Paradise, California and the effects on the entire North State have been tremendous.  While we grieve and begin to think about the recovery process, we recognize the important “dangerous opportunity” this provides for us as an Institution to teach and learn from each other.  There are so many aspects of this disaster that we could never have imagined – from resource management, to climate change, to social services, to social change. 

We acknowledge that those who live in a community are experts in their experience and must be central in all decision-making related to their recovery. Read more about how we plan to plan to honor the principles of Community Based Participatory Research in our Guiding Principles (PDF) (PDF) for Teaching and Researching the Camp Fire.

This website and links are meant to provide a resource for all of us as we move forward from this tragedy.  Your ideas and input are very welcome.