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Masters in Teaching International Languages

Masters Degree and Patterns

Required Courses (12 units)

Required courses and electives combine to provide the theoretical and practical foundations that are critical for foreign language teachers, teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, and other professionals teaching world languages. Students take four required courses focusing on the theory and practice of second language acquisition, curriculum development, teaching methods and strategies, and testing and assessment practices.

Required Courses
ENGL 470 Theory and Practice of Second Language Acquisition (3 Units) 
Prerequisite: ENGL 371 Principles of Language 
(Units are not applicable toward MA degree)
EDSL 637 Curriculum Development: Foreign Languages/English as a Second Language 
(3 units)
EDSL 636 Foreign/Second Language Education: Testing and Assessment Practices (3 units)
EDSL 610 Foreign/Second Language Teaching: Methods (3 units) 

Language Studies (12 units)

Pattern A: TESOL: English as a Second Language (Adult Learners/English as a Foreign Language Emphasis 

A variety of 400/500-level and/or 600-level courses provide opportunities for intensive study in linguistics, literacy, and composition. Students choose four of the following courses for inclusion in their program plan (Depending on the choice of courses, students have the option of completing a linguistics minor.)

Language Studies Courses
ENGL 431 Theory and Practice in Tutoring Composition 
(Prerequisites: ENGL 333 and ENGL 335 are strongly recommended.)
ENGL 474 Syntactic and Morphological Analysis 
(Prerequisites: ENGL 371, ENGL 375) 
ENGL 476 Phonological Analysis (Prerequisites: ENGL 371, ENGL 375)
ENGL 477 Semantics: Language and Meaning 
ENGL 478 Linguistic Approaches to Reading (Prerequisites: ENGL 371) 
ENGL 631 Literacy as Distributed Cognition 
ENGL 632 Theories of Literacy 
ENGL 634 Teaching Composition 
ENGL 689 Internship in Teaching College English 
ENGL 692 Special Topics in English 


  • ENGL 375, a prerequisite for some courses, is strongly recommended for all students in Pattern A.
  • Units at the 300-level are not applicable toward the MA degree. 
  • ENGL 431 is a 4-unit course. More than 21 units of 600-level coursework may be required to maintain a 60% ratio of 600- and 400-level coursework.
  • ENGL 570 may be included with faculty approval. 
  • Students are encouraged to consider adding a minor in Linguistics to their degree. The Linguistics minor consists of 18 units.

Pattern B: Foreign Language 

A variety of 400/500-level and/or 600-level courses in language, literature, and culture provides for intensive study of the target culture and language. Selections should consist primarily of courses taught in the target language, e.g., French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish. Candidates are (a.) expected to hold an appropriate degree or credential, or to possess comparable proficiency in the target language as assessed by the Department of International Languages, Literatures, and Cultures; and (b) advised to include as many graduate-level, foreign language courses as possible on their programs. Candidates may also select from English Department offerings in linguistics, as appropriate.

Culture Studies (6 units)

EDSL 633 Foreign/Second Language Teaching: The Culture Dimension is required of all students in the TESOL pattern. As most students in both are now opting to complete the Graduate TESOL Certificate concurrently with the degree program, the following two courses are typically used to satisfy the culture studies requirement:

Culture Studies Courses
EDSL 633 Foreign/Second Language Teaching: The Cultural Dimension 
EDCI 689 Professional Field Experience

A wide selection of courses accommodates a variety of special interests and needs. In consultation with a graduate adviser, students may choose 400/500-level and/or 600-level course work from Humanities, Social Sciences, Education, Communication, Marketing, and International Studies consistent with their target language and culture.

Research and Master’s Study (6 units)

Theoretical knowledge and research skills are further enhanced in this two-course component. Students take a research course in foreign/second language education designed specifically for professionals in this field, or another graduate research course consistent with student interests, and complete a master’s thesis, project, or comprehensive examination.

Research and Master’s Study Courses
EDSL 635 Current Research and Developments: Foreign/Second Language Education (3 units)
Approved research methods course 
---- 699T* Master’s thesis or ---- 699P Master’s project (3 units)
EDSL 696 Comprehensive Examination (3 units)

* In most departments, students sign up for Master’s Study units in the home department of their graduate advisory committee chair (e.g., (EDMA 699 P or T, ENGL 699 P or T, SPAN 699 P or T, etc.). Check with your graduate advisory committee chair regarding policy in his or her department.