Masters in Teaching International Languages

TESOL Certificate Program

Graduate Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Certificate Program

Program Information

This 18-unit program is for K-12 teachers, college and university instructors, and other professionals teaching English to speakers of other languages as an integral part of a world-class education. Graduate TESOL certificates are recognized around the world as advanced level professional preparation in the field. There is a global demand for certified instructors and teachers, as 1.6 billion people speak English as a first, second, or third language.

The program addresses

Teaching methods, culture teaching and culture learning, program development, language learning strategies, research on language teaching and learning, content, assessment and professional standards, instructional materials, curriculum development, testing and assessment practices, classroom inquiry, field experience, and professional development.

Professional preparation in TESOL

The program is designed to enhance the professional preparation of language educators in diverse cultural contexts and educational settings. These include:

  • Graduate students in the MA degree program in Teaching International Languages
  • International students interested in teaching English as a foreign language in other countries
  • Graduate students interested in expanding the professional applications of other degrees
  • Teaching and services credential candidates interested in expanding the professional applications of their certification
  • Foreign/second language teachers at the secondary level
  • Individuals pursuing a Designated Subjects Adult Education Credential (Academic Subject: English as a Second Language)
  • Individuals in related business enterprises (e.g., creating language institutes and TESOL-related Internet enterprises, providing training in commercial settings)
  • Individuals who already hold graduate degrees but seek specialized professional preparation in the field.