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Tipping Point Summit January 17, 2019

Tipping Point Student Success Summit

January 17, 2019
8:30AM to 4:30PM

For one student, it was when a peer mentor modeled how to take better notes. For another, it was when the professor used a classroom example that connected with her own experience.  For still another, it was discovering that the Wildcat Food Pantry meant he didn’t have to worry about being hungry during exams.

Student success is complicated, and there are many tipping points that can make all the difference.

We welcome your insight and inspiration as we set out to make an impact on each student's success. Please save the date for the Tipping Point Student Success Summit, January 17, 2019—a full-day exploration of what defines success for the students we serve, and data-driven interventions to help them achieve it.

All faculty and staff are encouraged to participate. The event will include a keynote message from President Hutchinson, student voices, panels and discussions, and hands-on workshops.  

Tipping Point Summit Objectives

  1. Develop a collective and holistic sense of student success that includes academic achievement, meaningful engagement, and resilient well-being.
  2. Establish a shared campus understanding of who our students are, what assets they bring, and what they need from us.
  3. Discover practical strategies for student success that we can implement individually and collectively, in and outside the classroom.
  4. Renew a collective sense of purpose across campus and foster a culture of mutual care.

Shortly, we will send you additional information about how to reserve your place at this summit. For information now, please email kmccarthy@csuchico.edu or cpatterson@csuchico.edu. We look forward to your participation.

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