Tipping Point Summit January 16, 2020

2nd Annual Tipping Point Student Success Summit

Equity, Engagement, Resilience
January 16, 2020

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The Graduation Initiative Advisory Team, with the support of the Divisions of Academic Affairs and Student Affairs, is pleased to announce the second annual Tipping Point Student Success Summit.

The Tipping Point Summit is a day-long professional development conference focused on critical make-or-break moments in students’ university experiences. It provides a pause in our harried university lives, allowing for reflection, absorption of new data and new ideas, and sharing.  In that spirit, we seek your proposals to help us better understand where we are as an institution of higher learning, and how your best practices may help us increase student success at Chico State.

During her Convocation, President Hutchinson unveiled the elements of our new Strategic Plan, which includes three Strategic Priorities:

  • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
  • Civic and Global Engagement
  • Resilient and Sustainable Systems

These priorities provide the framework for this year's summit.


What can data tell us about the disparities in achievement and rates of retention and graduation across student groups?  What efforts are helping to close those gaps?  How can changes in our teaching, advising, and other campus support practices lead to more equitable outcomes for all students?


How does student engagement drive persistence and achievement?  How are we ensuring that our students are engaged in their learning; with their faculty, staff and peers; and with the local and distant communities that are meaningful to them?


How can our systems and processes support students’ capacity for academic success?   What does it mean to be a program, office, or department committed to helping students thrive in challenging circumstances?  How do we attend to our own resilience as faculty, staff, and administrators?

Register by January 3, 2020

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