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Tipping Point Summit January 16, 2020

Session Details

Opening Plenary

President Gayle Hutchinson in conversation with James T. Minor

Gayle E. Hutchinson has served as President of California State University, Chico since July 2016 when she returned to the campus where her career in higher education began. As president, she has worked with the campus community to strengthen shared governance and to promote diverse and inclusive communities of excellence, innovation, accountability, trust, transparency, and respect. President Hutchinson successfully led the University through a strategic planning process, which has resulted in three strategic priorities: Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion; Civic and Global Engagement; and Resilient and Sustainable Systems. She and her team are now working on implementation of both the Strategic Plan and a new Campus Master Plan.

James T. Minor is a national expert in expanding access to higher education and addressing student achievement gaps. In his role with the CSU, Minor provide s leadership and strategy to advance the CSU's new Graduation Initiative 2025 targets focused on increasing the completion rates of first-time freshmen, transfer, low income and underserved students. In addition, Minor provides leadership and strategy for CSU-wide efforts supporting faculty excellence, inclusivity, and ensures that these efforts align with graduation and student success goals.

Portrait of President Gayle Hutchinson

President Gayle Hutchinson

Portrait of James T. Minor

Dr. James T. Minor

  • CSU Assistant Vice Chancellor, Academic Success and Inclusive Excellence

Come Together: Barriers Students with Disabilities (SWD) Face and Strategies for Equity and Inclusion

Attendees will be presented with data from a CSU-wide study on the experience and perspectives of SWD’s access to and participation with healthy opportunities. An example of an inclusion accommodation implemented by a faculty member, the involved student, the Office of Accessible Technology, and the Associated Students Child Development Laboratory will be provided. Attendees will engage in small and large group discussions and be given some strategies to improve equity and inclusion of SWD.

Portrait of Sarah DeMartini

Sarah DeMartini

  • Faculty, Psychology
Portrait of Josephine Blagrave

Josie Blagrave

  • Faculty, Kinesiology
placeholder image

Sarah Gentle

  • Student, BA Sociology, 2019
placeholder image

Kerri Vanderbom

  • Implementation Coordinator, National Center in Health, Physical Activity and Disability

The Four Ps of Learning and Engagement

This workshop will guide participants in understanding the integral role of purpose, place, participation and public demonstration of knowledge in learning. Join us to consider how you might reimagine your course(s) to include these ideas. Session participants will be invited to a summer symposium to continue this work into next year.

Nate Millard

Nate Millard

  • Faculty, First Year Experience
Portrait of Ann Schulte

Ann Schulte

  • Director, Civic Engagement

Emerging Issue: Supporting our Students in Politically Turbulent Times

Campus commitments to the principles of free speech and open inquiry stand alongside our commitment to supporting marginalized students who often bear the brunt of abhorrent but legally protected speech. How do we hold these obligations together in the current divisive political climate? Panelists will offer brief remarks from a variety of perspectives before engaging participants in constructive conversations.

Tracy Butts

Tracy Butts

Nandi Crosby

Nandi Crosby

Alan Gibson

Alan Gibson

Nathan Heggins Bryant

Nathan Heggins Bryant

Mary Wallmark

Mary Wallmark (moderator)

Chico State 360: Getting to Holistic Advising

To eliminate advising “pinball” and help students understand and meet their academic goals, the Chico State 360 initiative is launching a new platform to enable professional advisors, faculty advisors, and support program staff to share advising notes, make referrals, and better align centralized advising with advising in the majors. Learn about the platform and connect with other faculty and staff advisors to explore common challenges and strategize for optimal collaboration.

Portrait of Kaitlyn Baumgartner

Kaitlyn Baumgartner

  • AVP, Academic Advising Programs
Portrait of Kate McCarthy

Kate McCarthy

  • Dean, Undergraduate Education
Portrait of Kelly McGregor

Kelly McGregor

  • Senior Coordinator, Academic Advising Programs

First Week Freakouts

What’s Blackboard? What do I do when my books are sold out? What if no one talks to me? Do I belong here? The first week of college is filled with uncertainty. Learn from first-year students about the barriers and stressors experienced in their first week, and how they might have been better supported in their classrooms. Participants will begin to re-imagine the first week of class to address these concerns. (Bring your syllabus!)

Portrait of Ellie Ertle

Ellie Ertle

  • Director, First Year Experience

Eat, Sleep, Thrive: Meeting Basic Needs

In this highly interactive session, we will explore housing & food insecurity on campus and the connection to mental health and well-being. Come hear hot-off-the-press research on the levels of student housing and food insecurity in our community, post Camp Fire. Then join us in exploring existing resources for student health & well-being – including how and when to access the CARE Team - so that together we can support students to be healthy, present, and ready to learn.

Portrait of Emily Foxworthy

Emily Foxworthy

  • Health Education Specialist, Center for Healthy Communities
Portrait of Jennifer Wilking

Jennifer Wilking

  • Faculty, Political Science and Criminal Justice
Portrait of Susan Roll

Susan Roll

  • Director, School of Social Work
Portrait of Jenna Wright

Jenna Wright

  • Coordinator, University Housing

Wildcats Thrive: Sustaining Energy in our Challenging Work Environments

This session will feature a dialogue on building resilient systems by focusing on the core of Chico State: the faculty and staff who serve students and the institution. Focusing on the connections among trauma exposure, challenging expectations, burnout, and workplace sustainability, this discussion will identify specific challenges, existing interventions, and promising directions for holistic workplace well-being.

Portrait of Alix MacDonald

Alix MacDonald

  • Assistant Director, Safe Place
Portrait of Karin Lightfoot

Karin Lightfoot

  • Director, School of Nursing
Portrait of Krystle Tonga

Krystle Tonga

  • Assistant Director, Cross-Cultural Leadership Center
Portrait of Kyle Horst

Kyle Horst

  • Faculty, Psychology

Mindfulness Meditation: Resilience Through Mental Wellness

Meditation can help us enhance focus, heighten awareness, improve creativity, and manage anxiety. It can help students sustain attention, be more engaged in learning, and cultivate “cognitive flexibility.” Come learn (and experience) how various forms of meditation, even as little as 60 seconds, can enhance wellness for both you and our students.

Portrait of Josh Trout

Josh Trout

  • Director, Faculty Development
Portrait of Kathy Fernandes

Kathy Fernandes

  • Academic Technology Officer

Clash of Cultures in and out of the Classroom: Actual Case Studies

In this session, co-facilitators from the University Diversity Committee will offer real-life Chico State case studies that ask participants to grapple with issues and discuss methods for protecting open academic inquiry and students’ abilities to participate fully in their education.

Eddie Vela

Eddie Vela

  • Dean, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences
Rachel McBride

Rachel McBride

  • Director, Tribal Relations

Deconstructing Student Academic Experiences: A Tale of an Equity Gap...and a Dog

We begin with an overview of one instructor’s journey from realizing he had an equity gap to the practical changes implemented to address the issue. Then, NSSE and institutional data help to identify behavioral and experiential factors that contribute to academic success among first-year students. The findings will point to potential targets for equity-based interventions. After each of the brief presentations, audience members will participate in group work to identify promising strategies.

Portrait of Matthew Thomas, Ph.D.

Matt Thomas 

  • Faculty, Political Science and Criminal Justice
Portrait of Peter Owens

Peter Owens 

  • Research Technician, Institutional Research

An Inclusive Syllabus for Greater Student Success

Bring a current syllabus to this workshop to dialogue with one another about best practices of creating an inclusive syllabus. Learn about instructional material formats to best engage your students. Leave with a quick action plan for improving your syllabus and instructional materials to be more inclusive for greater student success.

Portrait of Kathy Fernandes

Kathy Fernandes

  • Academic Technology Officer

"Professionalism" as a Barrier to Student Success

Jacob Tobia noted that “as a concept, professionalism is racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, classist, imperialist and so much more -- and yet people act like professionalism is non-political.” This presentation will focus on what “professional” means and explore how “professionalism” is rooted in power structures and how we can dismantle this coded system of oppression. Our hope is to continue to make our campus more inclusive therefore increasing retention, persistence to graduation and life-long success.

Portrait of Jenna Wright

Jenna Wright

  • Coordinator, University Housing
Portrait of Emily Lees

Emily Lees

  • Coordinator, University Housing

Closing Plenary: Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs - Dr. Debra Larson

Dr. Debra Larson is the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. She joined CSU, Chico in March 2017 after a nationwide search. Dr. Larson served as dean of the College of Engineering at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo from 2011-2017. Prior to Cal Poly, Dr. Larson served as chair, associate dean, and associate vice provost at Northern Arizona University over a 17-year span. She also worked as a civil engineer in the private sector for more than a decade before her work at Northern Arizona.

Debra Larson

Dr. Debra Larson

  • Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Presenters from the 1st Annual Tipping Point Summit, January 2019