Title IX - Preventing Sex Discrimination

Chico Speaks Survey Preliminary Results

To:  Campus Community
From:  Dylan Saake, Title IX Coordinator

Please review preliminary report (PDF) sharing some of the data gathered during last year’s Chico Speaks campus climate survey on sexual assault and other forms of interpersonal violence. The report shows that the problem of sexual misconduct is real at Chico State, and that we need to be strategic and deliberate in how we address it. Our hope is that the survey data will contribute to the greater discussions taking place on campus during April for Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

As we compare our institutional data against the national cohort who participated in this survey, we see that there is both hopeful and concerning data. On the positive side, 91% of Chico State students received some form of sexual violence prevention training (as compared to 60% of the cohort), and our students are more willing to identify sexual misconduct as a problem (64% compared with 40% of the cohort). However, 12% of the surveyed Chico State students reported unwanted sexual contact between the start of the fall 2017 semester and when the survey was conducted in April 2018, which is higher than the cohort-reported a rate of 7%. Going forward we must learn how to best turn that training and awareness into reducing the incidents of sexual violence.

As the full report is completed and released in the coming months, campus leadership will digest the data, and then get to work determining how we can help address this issue before we start another school year. We must focus efforts not only in responding to incidents of sexual violence when they occur, but on preventing those incidents from occurring in the first place. We will continue to engage the community in our efforts to prevent sexual misconduct and publication of this report is one step in that process.

I also want to personally thank the thousands of students who responded to the survey when it was conducted last April. Taking the time to share information provides valuable insights into the student experience, and helps us plot a path forward based on sound evidence.