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Technology & Learning Program

How Do I Look?

"Why don't learning modules look the same for students as they do for me?" 

"Why can't my students see the rubric feedback?"

 "How do my students find their groups?"

To answer these questions, put on your "student preview" glasses. 

Enter "student preview" mode

After you have prepared an assignment, created a set of groups, or set a test to release at a certain time, select the Student Preview toggle to see how it looks on the other end for students. 

 arrow pointing to enter student preview function in upperr right

Keep your "student preview user" and data 

We recommend keeping the preview user and data. This way, you can submit work as a student. 

Once you are in the Student Preview mode, you will see the yellow bar across the top and the Settings.

 Student Preview Settings

Go Full Circle

If you chose to keep your Student Preview data, you can now go full circle and:

  • Submit to an assignment, discussion, etc., in Student Preview mode. 
  • Grade the work from your preview user in Instructor mode.
  • View your grades and feedback in Student Preview mode.

Help Your Students Out 

Students may not realize how to view feedback you leave on an assignment, discussion, etc. Sure, they know to go to My Grades, but what about your rubric? How about your annotations? 

Here are some helpful resources you can post in your course.

For more information, refer to step-by-step instructions for using Student Preview (Google Doc) mode.