Technology & Learning Program

Access to Canvas Training


This week we invite you to tour the TLP Canvas website.

One page in particular is the TLP Canvas Training page.

It shows you at a glance how to access Canvas' Live and On-Demand training. Get ready to be impressed... 

Clarification about Spring 2023

After last week’s Canvas communication, the top question from faculty was:
        “Do I have to teach in Canvas in the spring?”

No. Your course shells will be available in BOTH Blackboard and Canvas, so you get to choose. Just be sure to communicate with their students which one you plan to use.

All faculty are required to teach in Canvas by Fall 2023 because Blackboard will no longer be available.

Access Canvas Live and On-Demand Training 

This week we invite you to tour this TLP Canvas website.

We encourage you to take some time to explore these resources specifically tailored for our campus.

One page in particular is the TLP Canvas Training page. It shows you how to access Canvas Live and On-Demand training. You really need to check out the calendar of live webinars. It is impressive. We also encourage you to enroll in our own Getting Started with Canvas for Chico State faculty self-paced course. 

canvas live and on demand training

 In the upcoming weeks, we will share more information about…

  • November 2 - How to use the Chico State Canvas Template
  • November 9 - Access to your 2022 migrated courses in Canvas!
  • November 16 - Canvas spring courses with enrollments will be live for faculty
  • Improve your course material accessibility using Canvas Accessibility Checker & Ally
  • Thanksgiving week

Have a good rest of your week!