Technology & Learning Program

Teaching in Bb or Canvas this Spring?

Regardless of whether you are teaching in Blackboard or Canvas, you need to tell your students where to go to find the course content...

Migrated Courses

  • All of your Blackboard Learn courses from 2022 have been migrated to Canvas.

  • If you need an older Bb course migrated to work on for spring in Canvas, please submit your request using this form

  • Next semester we will share how to migrate past Blackboard courses in bulk.

If you decide to teach in Canvas this Spring… 

  • Publish your Canvas course(s) by January 13th

    • Unlike Blackboard, you will need to publish your courses to make them available to students.

    • Unlike Blackboard, student enrollments are already in courses now, but students won't see the course until you "publish" it. 

  • Post a message in your Blackboard Course that directs them to your Canvas Course

    • For example, “Welcome. This course is being taught in Canvas this semester. You can access the course in Canvas from the Chico State portal or directly using this link…

    • You can find your Canvas course link on your Canvas course Home page. 

If you decide to teach in Blackboard this Spring…

  • Your Spring Blackboard course shells are ready for you to develop now.

    • Student enrollments will be loaded on January 13. 

    • Students will be able to see the courses at that time. 

  • Communicate with your students that your course is in Blackboard so they know not to look for it in Canvas.

Ways to get more help…  

 And remember, you can always come to the TLP Zoom room between 9:00-5:00 or email