Technology & Learning Program

Canvas: Waitlists, Adding People, Incompletes, Cross-Listed Courses

We are all trying to get up to speed with some policy and procedural changes with Canvas. Find out more...

Waitlisted students are in Canvas courses until Friday morning

  • Students on waitlists are in Canvas courses until Friday morning when they will be dropped if they aren’t registered in the course. This was done so that waitlisted students wouldn’t get behind the first week of class if they got officially into the course later.

There is a change in process for adding a person to a Canvas course

  • This process now needs to happen through PeopleSoft and ripples down to Canvas.
  • Please talk with your department chair about the process for adding people to courses.
  • If you, or the department chair have further questions, please email

Cross-listing Canvas course sections/courses (Common Learning Environment)

  • If a faculty member is the primary instructor of two classes/sections and they want to combine them, they can read these instructions to combine the courses themselves.
  • If two different faculty want to cross-list their courses, then there needs to be a Peoplesoft change first to give faculty secondary instructor roles to the other courses so that they have the permission to cross-list the courses. Talk with your dept chair about cross-listing in PeopleSoft first. Then follow the linked instructions above.


  • If you have a student who has an incomplete from last semester in Canvas, send the course ID and student name to They will work with faculty to set that up for those students who need to finish their incompletes from Fall 2022.

TLP continues to appreciate your patience and collaboration as we learn this new Canvas system and the Peoplesoft integration. We hope to make this transition as smooth as we can and continue to improve our processes and documentation so that next term it is all more seamless.