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Pronto (Text Messaging App)

What is Pronto?

Pronto is a texting app that integrates with Blackboard Learn.

Pronto enables real-time, media-rich messaging without sharing phone numbers

  • If faculty simply turn on Pronto in their Blackboard Learn courses, classmates will be able to chat with each other in a much more immediate, simple, and contemporary way. 
  • Pronto also recognizes Blackboard Learn groups, making it easier for group members to chat with each other.

Additionally, Pronto also works via a website for students who don’t have smartphones. 

What can Pronto do?

  • Provides a real-time Chat tool for everyone within a Blackboard Learn course without sharing phone numbers 

  • Provides 1:many messaging, and direct 1:1 messaging; ability to control notifications 
  • Chat via live video with up to 20 participants all streaming video

  • File Sharing & Storage

  • Live Message Translation

  • Task Management

This is a good overview for students to see and learn about Pronto.

How can faculty make Pronto Available in your Blackboard Learn Course?

How to Make Pronto Available in Bb Learn(opens in new window) 

How can faculty enable using Pronto for student connection and engagement?

Faculty Training Recording: Pronto Faculty Training 1/26/21 - CSU Chico

Installing the Pronto Mobile App  

Instructions to install Pronto on a phone and/or login via web interface

For more information 

  1. Pronto general support articles
  2. Pronto Bb Learn Support tutorials 
  3. Pronto FAQ - Will continue to be updated as more questions and answers are available