Tower Society

Honor Roll

Members who contributed between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017

($100,000 or more)


Keith Bewley (’78) and Cheryl Bewley

Chico CM Education Foundation

Chico Concrete Industry Management Patrons

CIBHS Superior Region WET Partnership

Roxanne Elliott

Jay Gilbert (’69)

Dan Giustina

Giustina Forest Foundation

Granite Construction Company

Harry C. & Deborah L. Elliott Family Foundation

Hayden Homes LLC

Dennis Murphy (’94)

George Parrott (’65)

Joan Rycraft (’68)

Darryl Schoen (’77) and Jaci Schoen

Chuck Seufferlein (’74) and Sylvia Seufferlein (’75)

Glen Thomas (’83) and Joyce Densmore-Thomas (’82)


Aileen S. Andrew Foundation

Valene Smith

Crankstart Foundation

Dignity Health

Rick Wood (’81)



Karl Bakhtiari (’75) and Debbie Bakhtiari (’76)

Daniel Beadle (’76) and Linda Beadle

Scott Bedford (’82) and Phyllis Bedford

California Agricultural Leadership Foundation

David Casas

Chevron Corporation

Construction Employers Association

Wes Dempsey and Phyllis Dempsey

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Jenifer Hornaday (’97)

Intero Real Estate Services

InterWest Insurance Services, LLC

Thor Maydole (’67) and Connie Barr

Bill Niepoth (’49) and Marilyn Niepoth

William Padula (’74)

Marilyn Rees (’81)

Anne Sena (’97) and William Sena

Wells Fargo Foundation



Scott Dalecio (’86) and Kathleen Dalecio

Ron Duff (’71) and Lynn Duff

Dyer Family Foundation

Sam Fogleman (’85) and Laura Fogleman (’85)


Paul Huntzinger (’67) and Cele-Anne Huntzinger

Johnson Family Foundation

Teresa Kludt (’77) and Walt Schafer

Koi Nation of Northern California

Jon Krabbenschmidt (’76) and Dawn O'Dell

Ken Lange (’65) and Sheryl Lange (’66)

Louis and Harold Price Foundation, Inc.

MacDuff Charitable Trust

John McAmis and Renee McAmis

Vern McHaney and Rose Crain

Matt Ober (’07)

Debora Ozdinski (’81) and Gregory Ozdinski (’83)

Scott Paine (’77) and Mary Kay Paine

Pinion Street Foundation

Robby Paine Foundation

Sierra Pacific Foundation

Tri Counties Bank




Gregg Berryman and Phyllis Berryman

Earle Bevins

Stuart Casillas (’96) and Kimi Casillas (’96)

Brian Cereghino (’85)

Clark Construction Group, LLC

Enterprise Holdings Foundation

Melvin Fischer (’59) and Jane Fischer

Mark Fitzpatrick (’85) and Rhonda Fitzpatrick

Five Star Bank

Foor Foundation

George Lucas Family Foundation

Brian Glennon (’97) and Jill Glennon

Dave Hodson (’90) and Christine LeCuyer-Hodson (’93)

David Hopper and Shari Maxson Hopper

International Petroleum Products & Additives Company, Inc.

Bill Klein (’79) and Liz Klein (’78)

Steve Klingman (’00) and Amanda Klingman

Kohl's Department Store

KPMG, LLP Foundation

Carol Burr

Liberty Mutual Group

Paul Minasian and Susan Minasian

Jim Moon (’68) and Susan Moon (’92)

Moss Adams LLP

National Philanthropic Trust

Chuck Nelsen Jr. (’89)

Chuck Nelson (’72) and Paula Busch (’75)

Northwestern Mutual

Pacific Gas & Electric Company

Robert Pillsbury (’57) and Judith Pillsbury

Rabobank, N.A.

Susan Vukovatz and George Reyes

Jim Schuricht (’72) and Kathy Schuricht

Schwab Charitable Fund

Mark Schwartz (’84)

Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc.

Judy Sitton (’68)

Howard Slater (’70) and Diane Slater (’78)

Slater & Son, Inc.

Teichert Foundation

Mike Thompson (’82) and Janet Thompson (’84)

U.S. Bank Foundation

Brad Watterson (’78) and Janelle Watterson (’79)

Webcor Builders

Garey Weibel (’56) and Barbara Weibel (’62)



Douglas Alexander and Kathleen Alexander

Donald Alger and Barbara Alger

Linda Allen (’81) and Gayle Hutchinson

Jeanette Alosi (’79)

Diane Anderson

Daisy Baily (’73)* and Abe Baily

Bank of America Charitable Foundation

Bank of Commerce Redding

Robert Barnhart (’85)

William Bartley (’06)

Cameron Beck (’88) and Kim Beck (’84)

Katherine Blake and Philip Blake

Lance Blanshei (’81) and Shelly Blanshei (’82)

Clyde Bowman Jr. (’72) and Ruth Bowman (’62)

Grace Brewer (’78) and Mark Boydston

Doug Britt (’88)

Judith Brown

John Burghardt and Jamie Burghardt

Burkett Family Charitable Fund

Burroughs Family Farms, LLC

California Cascade Association for the Education of Young Children

California Highway Patrol

Debra Cannon (’77)

Larry Champion (’76) and Susan Champion (’71)

Cheuk-Kin Chau and Theresa Chau

Chevron Humankind

Chico Lacrosse Alumni Association

Chico Rugby Foundation

Kathryn Colburn-Magnusson (’73) and Peter Magnusson

Aaron Colton (’82) and Gina Colton (’82)

Wayne Cook (’66) and Carol Mitchell

Coyote Logistics

Stephen Cummins and Sunday Cummins

Lou De La Garza Jr. (’01)

Tom DiGiovanni and Carol DiGiovanni

Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions, Inc.

Ferguson Enterprises

Michael Finney (’78) and Brenda Finney

Food Industry Foundation

Timothy Grewis (’90)

Scott Hanson (’90) and Valerie Hanson (’90)

David Hassenzahl and Hilary Hassenzahl

Henry Schein, Inc.

Nancy Hodges (’55)

Frederic Hook (’85) and Deb Hook (’85)

IBM Corporation

Independent Charities of America

Integrated Communication Systems

Richard Jackson and Giovanna Jackson

Tom Johnson and Kimie Johnson

Jeff Jones (’86)

Sandy Kalinowski

Billie Kanter (’68) and Kirk Monfort

K-Coe Isom

Leo Kirchhoff

Larry Kirk and Maureen Kirk

Samuel Kissee (’69) and Robert Zadra

Bob Kittredge (’69) and Bobbie Kittredge

Lundberg Family Farms

Aaron Martella (’99) and Shawna Martella

David McCallen (’79) and Rose Esposito-McCallen (’80)

McConnell Foundation

Ailsie McEnteggart

Rich McGowan and Pam McGowan

Gregory McKinnon (’86) and Shannon McKinnon

Claire Michael (’54)

Marcia Moore

Jacqueline Murad (’76)

Marcie Nelson (’82) and Kenneth Gall

Northern Trust Company

Northstate Neurosurgical Associates Medical Group

North Valley Ag Services

Pacific Gas & Electric Corporation Foundation

Michael Parker

Mark Pawlicki and Emma Pawlicki

Barbara Peloyan

PepsiCo, Inc.

Phoscrete Corporation

Mike Prime and Robyn Prime

Gwen Quail

Betsy Randolph (’68) and Richard Randolph


R.C. Consulting Inc.

Richard Hughes Dairy

Robert E. and Adele M. Boydston Foundation

Lee Salter (’67) and Judy Salter

Tim Sauer Sr. (’91) and Danielle Slater

Randy Schiff (’90) and Laura Schiff (’04)

Luke Seufferlein (’09)

Janyce Silva (’60)

Sara Simmons (’01)

Tim Sistrunk

Mark Spelts and Victoria Spelts

Brandon Stegall (’95)

Drew Stevens (’86) and Barbara Stevens

Stonesfair Financial Corporation

Swinerton Foundation

Tea Innovations, Inc.

Telfer Companies

Jack Thorpe (’58) and Joan Stewart

Thomas Tognoli (’87) and Lynn Tognoli

Glen Toney (’66) and Virginia Toney

Umpqua Bank

Pat Van Dyke (’75)

Gary Watters (’57) and Lorrene Watters (’56)

Kathy Weeks

Sally Wells

David Whetstone (’66) and Carol Whetstone (’67)



AAA Properties

Tony Abramo (’75) and Karen Abramo (’76)

Keith Adams


Almond Board of California

Altria Group

Altum Wealth Advisors

Rick Anderson and Sue Anderson

Diane Apostolakos (’75)

Ardagh Group

David Armstrong

Ashlock Company

Timothy Aslin (’86)

Brian Atchley (’02) and Amy Atchley

Karen Avis (’81) and Jonathan Sylwester

Magnus Back and Kristina Back

Baker, Grigg, Hill

Dick Baldy and Marian Baldy

Jenelle Ball (’82) and David Ball

Chris Bandy and Andie Bandy

Thomas Bannon (’77)

Ray Barker (’69) and Roma Barker

Scott Barker and Anita Barker

Stacey Bartlett (’02)

Leo Battle and Terry Battle

Robert Bechard (’60) and Kathie Bechard (’81)

Grayson Beck (’92) and Olivia Beck (’92)

Carole Beeton (’62)

Ted Bell and Judith Hennessey

Arturo Benavidez Jr. (’02) and Tiffany Giammona-Benavidez (’02)

Steven Benninga (’78)

Bentrac Company

Karen Blackford

Laurence Boag (’75)

Boman & Associates

Kent Boman (’97) and Melissa Boman (’97)

Stephen Bonner (’82) and Teresa Bonner

Booster LLC

Aimee Bordeaux (’78)

Gary Borders (’71)

Judith Bordin (’73)

Ahmad Boura and Jen Boura

Brand ERP, LLC

James Braziel (’57) and Carol Braziel (’75)

Tim Brockway (’97) and Gina Brockway (’97)

Denise Brolin (’89)

Gary Brown (’69)

Jeff Brown and Wendy Brown

Valencia Burch (’80)

Thomas Burkett (’82) and Barbara Burkett (’77)

Butte Creek Foundation

California Crop Improvement Association

California Manufacturing Technology Consulting

Californians For Population Stabilization

California Retired Teachers Association

John Calvert (’04) and Melanie Lawrence (’03)

Capstone Accountancy, Inc.

Martin Carovano and Barbara Carovano

Harriette Carr (’66) and Jack Carr

Matthew Carroll

Charles Carter (’80) and Bertha Carter (’98)

Chico Creek Fund

Chico Hearing Aid Center

Chico Heart Medical Clinic

Chico Rotary Club Foundation

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Punnu Chopra

Robert Christopherson (’69) and Bobbé Christopherson

C. H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc.

Ronald Churchill (’75) and Leslie Churchill (’76)


Ryan Coker (’93) and Heidi Coker

Comcast Financial Agency Corporation

Jeanne Conry (’74) and Bruce Webb

Consolidated Electrical Distributors, Inc.

Construction Engineering Consulting Group, Inc.

Roy Cook and Bernice Reed

Paul Coots (’88) and Kathryn Clements-Coots (’91)

Brian Corley (’95) and Zephra Corley

Courtesy Automotive Center

Matthew Cox (’93) and Monica Cox (’93)

Mitch Cox (’81) and Laura Cox

Harold Crangle (’64)

Jolee Crosson (’99)

Kimberly Cupps (’84)

Tom Cushman

Dave Daley (’79)

David Damazo and Becky Damazo

Robert Damen (’79)

Chris Davis (’83) and Timothy Davis

Hiram Davis (’76)

Jeffrey Dawson (’86)

Karl Dawson and Debra Barger

Leora DeBoer (’67)

Adelle DeMasi (’77)

DHL Express

Paul Dickinson and Barbara Dickinson

Heather Dickson (’95) and Scott Dickson

Diepenbrock Elkin Gleason

Gayle Dilley (’86) and John Dilley

Tanya Domier (’87)

Bob Donohue* and Susan Donohue

Kieran Doorley

Lisa Driver (’82)

Thomas Duff (’64)

Rick Dunham (’89)

Scott Durham (’86) and Kim Durham

Godwin Duru

Jon Ebeling and Freddie Shockley

Armin Ebrahimi (’87)

Red Emmerson and Maria Escosa-Emmerson

Tag Engstrom and Kristine Mazzei

Enloe Foundation

John Erickson (’76) and Toni Erickson

Scott Erwin (’86) and Laura Erwin

Mark Falgout (’99) and Rosilea Falgout (’99)

Donna Falk (’67)

Far Northern Regional Center

Fastenal Company

Rey Faubert Sr. and Ayn Faubert

David Filomeo (’78)

Diane Flaherty

Kenneth Fleming and Elizabeth Fleming

Erica Flores (’07)

Laurie Flores

Tyler Foreman (’00)

Foresters Financial

Diane Fossum

Sherry Fox

Scott Fulenwider (’04) and Kari Bianchini (’04)

Scott Gailey (’78) and Yvonne Gailey (’84)

Bruce Gallaway and Penny Gallaway

Gallo Sales Company

Gamma Phi Beta Soroity

Lawrence Garnick (’83) and Terri Garnick

Morgan Geddie and Mary Geddie

Charles Genthe and Joan Genthe

Joan Gerhardt (’68)

Sean Gettmann (’97)

Nicole Gleason (’95)

Nancy Goebner (’62)

Goldman Sachs Gives

Steve Gonsalves (’81) and Charlene Gonsalves (’83)

Goodall Family Charitable Foundation

Stephen Goodall (’78) and Jane Goodall (’78)

Roxanne Gould (’86)

Ricardo Granados (’77)

Kent Green and Judy Green

Terry Green (’75) and Marilyn Green (’78)

Jim Gregg and Lyla Gregg

Jack Griswold (’73)

Doug Guerrero and Kelly Guerrero

Jeffrey Gutsch (’87)

John Hacker and Alexis Strauss

James Hall (’77) and Carol Stanley-Hall (’73)

Chris Hammond (’95)

Lee Hamre (’76) and Deborah Blue

Robert Hansen and Kathryn Svoboda

Suzanne Hanson

Richard Hardin (’70) and Katharine Hardin (’71)

Harris & Plottel

Kathleen Hassig

Tracy Hayman (’99)

Susan Hearne (’92)

Hennessy Advisors, Inc.

Neil Hennessy and Kathy Hennessy

Gary Hicks and Joan Hicks

Jon Hilbert and Bonnie Hilbert

Samuel Hillaire (’02) and Samantha Hillaire (’99)

Hilti, Inc.

Hitachi Solutions of America, Ltd.

Robert Hockett Jr. (’71)

Scott Hogrefe (’94)

Greg Hollis and Pam Hollis

Marc Hollis (’87) and Donna Hollis (’87)

Bill Hoobler (’77) and Marilyn Hoobler (’77)

Ted Howard (’68)

Chuen Hsu and Shirley Hsu

Tim Huckabay (’81) and Pat Huckabay (’81)

Thomas Hughes (’88) and Kristy Hughes (’87)

Daniel Hunt (’76) and Lynda Hunt (’86)

Muhammad Hussain and Bashiran Hussain

Rand Hutchison (’73) and Alison Carlile

Intel Foundation

Ben Irons (’01) and Yvette Irons (’03)

Matthew Ives (’79) and Connie Ives (’81)

Ricardo Jacquez and Michele Auzenne

Jennifer Parrish, M.D., Inc.

Len Jessup (’83)

Terry Jewett (’78) and Tony Jewett

Jan Keller

Mary Frances Kelly-Poh (’68) and Hoe Poh

Tod Kimmelshue and Sherri Kimmelshue

Ron Knapp (’80)

Linda Koch (’71)

Thomas Korver and Roxane Perruso

Jeffrey Krisa (’89) and Marie Krisa (’88)

Marilyn Kruschke

Yoshio Kusaba

Walter Kusumoto and Dawn Kusumoto

Andrew Lavagnino (’83) and Anette Lavagnino

Law Office of Jeffrey S. Dawson

David Lawton (’88) and Jana Lawton

Christopher Layman (’05) and Kathryn Lee-Layman (’05)

Fred Leek and Diana Leek

Patricia Lee

Stephen Lee and LeeAnne Lee

Judith Lenhart

Lennox Industries, Inc.

Rush Lenroot and Hollie Lenroot

Level 10 Construction

Lance Lew (’79) and Roberta Lew

Eric Loche (’90) and Jennifer Loche

Gail Locke (’80)

Mark Lowery and Paula Lowery

Nicole Lowery (’07)

LPL Financial

Grant Lundberg (’85) and Susie Lundberg (’93)

Kirk Lydon and Yvonne Lydon

Richard Macias and Pat Macias

Deborah Maderos (’74)

David Mallas (’98) and Ginger Mallas (’99)

Sona Manzo and Ernie Manzo

Thomas Martell (’86) and Claire Martell (’86)

Ken Martin (’87) and Christina Martin (’88)

Tom Martin (’66) and Marsha Martin

Allen Masuda (’71)

Robert Maxey and Margaret Brennan

Missy McArthur (’72)

Patricia McCormick (’92)

James McFarland (’54)

McGuire and Hester

Steven McIntosh (’08)

Johnny McNany (’03) and Megan McNany (’03)

Mike McNeill Jr. (’83) and Michele McNeill (’84)

Kit Meith (’63) and Michele Meith

Duane Menefee and Candace Menefee

Michael Messner (’74)

Thomas Milling and Marian Milling

David Minch (’74)

Ashley Montulli (’93) and Louis Montulli

Laura Moravec (’06) and Jim Moravec

Julia Moriarty (’94)

Margaret Morrow (’85)

Sally Morton (’81)

Moss Adams Foundation

Charles Mueller and Marvey Mueller

Joan Murdock (’74)

Christopher Myers (’95)

Richard Narad (’79)

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company

Natural Fashions, Inc.


Carl Nelson

Richard Neves (’89) and Julie Neves

Patrick Newell

Christine Nichols (’69)

Lisa Nichols (’01) and Chris Nichols

Carl Nielsen*

Erick Nielsen (’70) and Margaret Nielsen

Bruce Nikolai (’85) and Ann Nikolai

Mitchell Nilsen and Teresa Nilsen

Ray Nolta (’58) and Madeleine Nolta

Northrop Grumman Foundation

Dennis O'Connell (’68) and Mikel O'Connell

Lauren O'Donnell (’07) and Mike O'Donnell

Jeff Oxendine (’82)

Darlene Paise

James Paiva Sr. and Geraldine Paiva

Jennifer Parrish (’81) and Kevin Parrish

Ryan Patten and Jessica Patten

Westley Patton (’65) and Jane Patton

Paul Barnes Painting Inc.

Vimali Paul and Richard Ponarul

Mark Pellowski (’86)

Betty Penland (’52)

Rob Pierson (’94) and Laura Cowan-Pierson (’94)

Michael Porfido (’80)

Clark Porter (’48)* and Betty Porter (’50)

Susan Avanzino

Sally Prout

Ann Pyeatt (’69)

Juan Raigoza (’89)

Catharine Ratto (’74) and Ronald Ratto

Red Hot Metal, Inc.

Allan Redmond (’76) and Kathleen Redmond (’77)

James Reed Jr. (’03)

Randall Reed and Linda Davis-Reed

Gary Reeve (’81) and Alicin Reeve

Carolynn Reynolds

R. Gorrill Ranch Enterprises

Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation

Marion Ritchie (’62) and Robert Ritchie

Phil Rogers (’77)

David Rothe

R & S Farms, Inc.

Aaron Ruch (’07) and Jennifer Ruch (’08)

Toni Ruggle (’78) and Vickie Ruggle

Sacramento Municipal Utility District

Corrie Samaniego (’05)

Kristina Scala (’89)

Heather Schlaff

William Schovajsa and Kathleen Schovajsa

Dallase Scott (’05)

Dave and Debra Scotto (’89)

Dwight Seuser

Severn Trent Environmental Services, Inc.

Sherwin Williams Company

Shocard, Inc.

Sierra Central Credit Union

Silgan Containers Corporation

Patrick Singleton (’72) and JoAnne Villarreal

Robert Sneed (’69) and Jan Sneed

Soroptimist International of Chico

Southern Glazer's Wine and Spirits

Lynnette Spadorcio (’84)

Michael Spiess (’79) and Patricia Witt (’79)

Melody Stapleton

Greg Steel (’66) and Janet Wilson

Stifel Nicolaus - Chico

Bob Stofa and Becky Stofa

Carrie Stone (’90)

Martin Strasburger (’98) and Gloria Strasburger (’99)

Robert Strazzarino (’06) and Kelly Strazzarino (’05)

Mark Suden and Romell Suden

Arthur Sutfin (’67) and Joan Sutfin

Brian Sweeney (’78) and Karen Sweeney (’80)

John Taylor (’72) and Suzanne Taylor

Leslie Thole (’05) and Armando Gonzalez

Robert Thomas

Brooks Thorlaksson (’78)

Tom James Company

Gary Towne (’91) and Roxanne Lara (’98)

Angela Trethewey (’88)

Turner Construction Company

UBS Investment Bank and Global Asset Management

Charles Urbanowicz and Sadie Urbanowicz

Eddie Vela and Celeste Jones

Veritas Technologies LLC

Ned Vernoga (’71) and Joyce Vernoga (’04)

Shelley VonBerg (’84) and Doug Kucera

Ann Vonnegut-Frieling (’85)

Richard Vorndran (’74)

Gwendolyn Waddell (’83)

Bob Wallace (’68) and Mary Wallace (’30)

Jennifer Wallace (’79) and Robert Fulton

Donald Weidlein and Heidi Weidlein

Russell Weiss and Janna Weiss

Chris Welch (’97)

Marie Welch*

Wells Fargo & Company

James Westcott

Charles Worth and Denise Worth

Rachel Wulff (’94)

Mike Wyson (’79) and Nanette Wysong

XL Construction Corporation

Young's Market Company

Kristina Zappettini (’86) and Bradley Glanville

GOLD—Graduates of the Last Decade

Monica Acosta (’08)

Salam Ali (’16)

Eric Allen (’10)

Jay Apalit (’90) and Karen Apalit (’07)

Manjinder Bains (’08)

Jeffrey Ballard (’11)

Daniel Barnett (’06) and Susan Barnett (’07)

Richard Barry (’10)

Zachary Bay (’09)

Bryan Bear (’07) and Laurie Bradshaw

Natasha Beehner (’12)

Sarah Bergquist (’11)

Shanti Betts (’08) and Alexis Betts

Ryan Beyers (’12)

Jessica Bjork (’09)

Glenn Blakey (’15)

Andrew Boian (’11)

Jena Boling (’08)

Megan Brightling (’12) and Kevin Brightling

Ian Brooks (’08)

Michael Brunetti (’09)

Claudia Carrillo-Young (’07)

Amanda Cassidy (’09)

Stuart Chapman-Laver (’13)

Betty Cheung (’12)

Casey Chin (’14)

Holly Clement (’09)

Jamie Daly (’10)

David DeBock (’10)

Ernesto Delariva (’10)

Joseph DeLuca (’11)

Scott Dinits (’07) and Stacie Dinits (’07)

Mariel Dory (’13)

Krystle Dozier (’11)

Blair Dugan (’08)

Dusty Dunzweiler (’08)

Greg Evans (’12)

Leslie Freeland (’08)

Jose Frias (’14)

Matthew Fuhrman (’08)

Dillon Gallus (’08)

Charlee Ganzer (’07)

Marissa Garcia (’14)

Ariana Gehrig (’13)

Eric Giannini (’10)

Jason Gilbert (’11)

Reidun Gilbert (’09)

Scott Gilbreath (’11) and Christy Gilbreath (’11)

Cristina Gildemeister (’12)

Gabe Ginorio (’07)

Briana Goldman (’07)

Stephanie Greco (’12) and Joseph Greco

Jessica Guaglianone (’08)

Gian Gualco-Nelson (’15)

Timothy Haley (’06) and Lindsey Haley (’07)

Adam Hansen (’14)

Kyle Harper (’07)

Casey Hatcher (’07)

Thomas Hatch (’14)

Lena Heffern (’13)

Russell Helms (’13)

Grant Higginbotham (’11)

Jerry Hight (’89) and Susan Hight (’08)

Elizabeth Huerta (’13)

Mark Hughes (’02) and Kelly Hughes (’02)

Andrew Hunter (’13)

Michael Huyck (’91) and Connie Huyck (’11)

Jacqueline Ioimo (’08)

Malkit Johl Jr. (’09)

Cody Johns (’11)

Derick Johnson (’09)

Katherine Kanarek (’11)

Asad Khan (’14)

Christopher Kobz (’13)

Joseph Koch (’12)

Tristan Kotar (’11)

Andrew Langelier (’11)

Adriana Laughlin (’11)

George Laver (’11) and Sandy Laver

Dan Layne (’08) and Derette Layne (’03)

Natalie Lehman (’10)

Karin Lightfoot (’09) and Robb Lightfoot

Johnny Lopez (’88) and Tracy Lopez (’07)

Catriona Lund (’14)

Callie Lutz (’08)

Kris Magri (’13)

John Mahoney Jr. (’12) and Jo Ellen Mahoney

Lori Mankin (’10)

Will Martin (’12)

Aaron Matthews (’09)

Bryan McGruder Jr. (’07)

Dara Mckinley (’08)

Manuel Mejia Jr. (’11) and Andrea Mejia (’09)

Matthew Merritt (’10)

Mary Ann Mills (’09)

Thomas Morgan (’09)

Kara Morison (’14)

Aric Morton (’94) and Cinnamin Morton (’10)

Andrew Moug (’11)

Sarah Napoliello (’11)

Jake Nelson (’11)

Ryan Nelson (’14)

Adam Nikssarian (’14)

Erik Nix (’11)

Justin Odell (’13)

Anne O'Kelly (’13)

Jesus Palomino-Hernandez (’08)

Ashley Person (’10)

Benjamin Pope (’07)

Trevor Prater (’12)

Elizabeth Quivey (’10)

Adam Raish (’10) and Maia Illa (’09)

William Reeder (’09)

Alan Rellaford (’82) and Daria Booth (’09)

Kit Roggli (’08)

Keeley Rowe (’11)

Lesley Rundberg (’08)

Christopher Sanchez (’15)

Vanessa Sandoval (’11)

Henry Schleiger (’13)

Amanda Sharp (’11)

Roland Shehadeh (’09)

Bria Shepherd (’08) and Tim Shepherd

Damario Sims (’13)

Aaron Skaggs (’10)

Emily Smith (’07)

Seth Snyder (’08)

Stephanie Sprague (’13)

Seann Stacy (’10)

Thomas Staiano (’07)

Theodore Stephenson (’13)

Hayley Stone (’15)

Jennifer Sturm (’07)

John Suhr (’15)

Kaley Sullivan (’16)

Derek Swain (’12)

Olan Swan (’08)

Erik Taylor (’13)

Jake Thomas (’13)

William Thomas (’14)

Amanda Thompson (’12)

James Trauben (’09)

William Treleaven (’88) and Megan Treleaven (’12)

Kaushal Trivedi (’10)

Marie Ussery (’11)

Devin Van Hout (’10) and Sarah Van Hout (’09)

Nalini Varahamurti (’14)

Benjamin Wachman (’10)

Michael Warenycia (’10)

Ryan Watson (’09)

Beth Wattenberg (’08) and Steve Wattenberg

Matthew Whalen (’09)

Denise Wills (’07) and Robin Wills

Casey Wright (’08)

Erin Wylder (’16)

Mark Zimlich (’08)

Gifts In Kind
(Value of $25,000 or more)

C.A.P. Studio—Chiangmai Art on Paper

Expol, Inc.

National Institute for Standards and Technology

Stephen Turner


If you feel your name has been omitted or listed incorrectly, please notify Scholarship and Donor Relations Coordinator Flynn Hoffman at 530-898-4796