Tower Society

Why Give

"We couldn't do it without your support."
—Gayle E. Hutchison, President 

Donor Testimonials

Valene Smith in front the Valene L. Smith Museum of Anthropology

"This is some place where I can put my heart as well as my worldly goods and make a donation that will live on and offer a program that is in my opinion, the best offered in the nation."


Professor Emerita

Dennis Murphy in the lab he helped renovate

Chico State gave me a huge gift, so it’s my duty, my honor, my responsibility, to help Chico State.”


stuart casillas

"When I had a question or wanted to pick their brains about the path forward, my professors were always there. I want to be a resource for students, faculty, and the administration, and the first step was the Tower Society—to give back to the University that has given so much to me."


susan vukovatz

"We're lucky that we chose Chico for our son—and that Chico chose us. These children are our future leaders. I was supported as a college student, so it’s like this circle of education—I want to give back and be involved."


Chico State Parent

tom villa

"Chico was an awakening for me. I want to make sure that I take all that experience, all that learning, all those things that have developed me, and allow other people to learn from it–to go back to the roots, to where I first woke up—and give back."


Chico State Parent

karyl villa

"If a student is barely making tuition, they’re going to need help. The Tower Society is going to open up more opportunities for them."


Chico State Parent

jeff gutch

"Chico State was a big part of my success. The graduates our firm hires today are well-rounded and have a good head on their shoulders. I feel fortunate to have the education and the financial means to experience life and to give back and support the future of my profession."


david scotto

"The passion I have for the University is shared with everyone I went to school with. When something has given you so much, I think it's your duty to give back, to carry that torch and help other people have a similar opportunity. And that’s what I'll do." 


debra hook

"Had Chico not been so reasonable and accessible, I may never have gone (to college). The Tower Society helps you make more informed decisions about where to give and connects you to the people who benefit."


keith bewley

"Chico was so important to me that it's emotionally about giving back."


Chico State Parent

mike and robyn prime

"We've been fans of the athletic program since the 1970s, but a stronger relationship started in 1989 when a men's soccer player befriended our son, David, who is autistic. Since then, players and coaches have had a positive effect on his life, becoming his friends and mentors. This tradition still carries on today. We’re not alums, but our desire to give back to Chico State stems from our gratefulness for the time individual players and the team have given to David. We will always have a soft spot in our hearts for Chico State and are honored to give back to the institution that has given so much to us."


Community Members

glen and joyce thomas

"We can connect all the good in our life back to Chico State—each other, our successful careers, our closest friends, and now our son’s journey. Past, present, and future. Deeply caring professors who guided our development, programs that provided structure and opportunity, and an unforgettable community, allowed us to grow into our own. The students today, including our son, receive more than just academic experience—they evolve into well-rounded citizens that know and desire their place in the world. We feel fortunate to contribute to and participate in Chico State’s evolving future."


Chico State Parents

tom and carol digiovani

"We support Chico State because it is a significant part of what makes Chico a great place to work, raise a family, and build a life. Our youngest child’s choice to attend only deepened this connection. Daniel has gained invaluable skills by volunteering alongside fellow construction management students to build homes for worthy causes. The Honors Program allows him to explore topics central to an examined life—truth, beauty, virtue, and nature. He is pursuing a field he loves and benefiting from the broad liberal arts education we proudly support now and in the future."


Chico State Parents

linda zorn

"(North State Public Radio) is where I want to put my money, because I really feel that it's a service that people can listen to and—you learn, you learn. Every time you listen to public radio, you learn."


Community Member