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The Campus

Established in 1887 on the traditional lands of the Mechoopda people, the University campus rests in a fertile valley tract was rich with alluvial sediment from Chico Creek and other nearby rivers and streams descending from the Sierra-Cascade mountains. John Bidwell purchased the land dubbed Rancho Arroyo Chico in the early 1850s and later donated eight acres of his orchard land for the original Normal School campus.

Chico State’s campus core has grown to 132 acres, which was designated as an arboretum in 1982. The campus also includes an 800-acre University Farm and 4,043 acres of ecological reserves. While much has changed since those early years, the University’s campus has remained a centerpiece of its attraction to students, staff, faculty, and visitors from near and far.

Illustrated Campus Map
  • Acker Gym
  • Aymer J. Hamilton Bldg.
  • Arts & Humanities
  • Ayres Hall
  • Bidwell Mansion
  • Bell Memorial Student Union
  • Butte Hall
  • Colusa Hall
  • Glenn Hall
  • Gateway Sci. Museum
  • Holt Hall
  • Kendall Hall
  • Langdon Engineering Center
  • Lassen Hall
  • Laxson
  • 25 Main
  • 35 Main
  • Meriam Library
  • Modoc Hall
  • Nettleton
  • O’Connell Technology Center
  • Performing Arts Center
  • Parking Structure
  • Sciences Bldg.
  • Plumas Hall
  • Center for Continuing Education
  • Residence Halls: Esken, Konkow, Mechoopda
  • Alumni House/ Sapp Hall
  • Selvester’s Cafe
  • Shurmer Gym
  • Sierra Hall
  • Shasta Hall
  • Student Health Center
  • Softball Diamond
  • Soccer Stadium
  • Sports Stadium
  • Student Services Center
  • Siskiyou Hall
  • Sutter Hall
  • Tehama Hall
  • Trinity Hall
  • Housing & Food Service
  • University Police, Info & Parking II
  • Warrens Center
  • Whitney Hall
  • Wildcat Recreation Center
  • Yolo Hall