An IRP Review is Complete – Now What?

3/5/18 (Mon), 1-2:00PM, CLSA 100B

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How to understand and communicate the results of an IRP and class change review.

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Register: by replying to (with a session date) or call (530) 898-6433. These sessions are limited to MPP and Chairs.


Questions? Contact HRSC Professional Development or call (530) 898-6433

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This workshop will provide easy-to-use tools and scenario-based exercises to enhance a manager’s skill set.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the importance of how you communicate to your employee
  • Gain tips for preparing for important conversations
  • Acquire a better understanding of the IRP and classification change process
  • Convey that an employee is valued, even when you have to share a difficult message

Instructor(s): Dylan Saake (Director of Labor Relations and Compliance) and Beverly Gentry (Manager Professional Development)

Audience:  Limited to MPP and chairs only

Sponsor(s): Human Resources Service Center

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