Chairs and MPP: Valuing and Evaluating Staff

4/10/18 (Tues) 9:00-11:00AM, CLSA 100B


This training is intended to help gain a better understanding of how to support career growth opportunities for staff, to discuss why timely evaluations are so important and how the two are connected.

Contact Information

Register: by replying to (with a session date) or call (530) 898-6433. These sessions are limited to Chairs and MPP.

  • Early registration is encouraged! If you RSVP at least three (3) days before the training, you will receive a list of your staff and their evaluation due dates at the session.

Contact HRSC Professional Development or call (530) 898-6433.

More Information

Managing employee performance is one of the most important jobs a supervisor does – and evaluations are an essential part of this process.  Hear opportunities to motivate and value staff that are already “built into” our environment (e.g., Collective Bargaining Agreements). Learn ways that performance evaluations can be used to provide meaningful feedback to staff.


  • Provide a forum for managers and chairs to share experiences and discuss ideas
  • Share tips
  • Reveal how to avoid “surprises”
  • Explain the role of CBAs in the evaluation process
  • Consider ways to set goals

Instructor: Dylan Saake (Director, Labor Relations & Compliance, Human Resources Service Center), Beverly Delker Gentry (Manager Professional Development, Human Resources Service Center)

Audience:  This session is designed for—and limited to—Chairs and MPP.

Sponsor: Human Resources Service Center - Professional Development

Recommendation: Bring a laptop with a performance evaluation form ready to complete.

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