Identity Finder Training

12/13 (Wed) 10:30-11:30AM, CLSA 100A


Learn to use Identify Finder to limit the amount of confidential data you’re exposed to and help secure the campus – all in a few easy steps. We want to help you make your computer like a kitchen colander, enabling you to keep data you need and drain off risks to your valuable work station, work product and research.

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Identity Finder is a tool designed to look for confidential (Level 1) data on a computer, and allow easy review and deletion of files, which may no longer be necessary. Just like cleaning fruits and vegetables, campus employees need to examine the files flagged by Identity Finder and discard unwanted data.

By attending this session, attendees will gain valuable insight and understanding of: 

  • Confidential data
  • How Identity Finder works
  • Identity Finder basic use
  • Advanced Identity Finder usage and time savings
  • Identifying and ignoring false detections
  • How to find additional help and resources

It’s our job—our collective effort—to protect confidential and level 1 data from misuse. Take a moment to understand more by watching our helpful videos online, designed exclusively for our campus employees:

Instructor(s): Mark Hendricks (Information Security Officer, Information Security Office) and Chris Witthans (Information Security Analyst, Information Security Office)

Audience: All campus faculty and staff

Sponsor(s): Information Security Office

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