Invest in Your Financial Future: Easy Ways to Save for Retirement

2/27/18 (Tues), 9-11AM Colusa 100B


If you have not yet considered saving using a CSU retirement savings plan, come hear why you might want to start now.  It’s easy and you can even begin with small amounts.

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Find out how to start saving at any point in your career and typical ways to make your savings grow. Learn some basic differences between 403b, 457 and 401K plans and what the CSU offers its state employees. Review the Supplemental Savings Plans to help you begin a plan for your financial future. Investing even small amounts (e.g., $15 month) early in your career, and learning to grow your savings, can reap larger dividends than investing when you make more money later in life.

Why invest in retirement savings?

Nearly 75% of retirees have not saved enough and said they would save more if they could do it all over again (University of Michigan Health and Retirement Study, 2012). It’s never too early to plan for YOUR future and YOUR financial goals.

Not sure what to do next?  Consider these tips:

  • Enroll in your workplace retirement plan
    If you’re not already saving, it’s critical that you start now.  When it comes to accumulating funds, TIME is your ALLY!
  • Increase your contribution rate regularly
    Once you enroll, you’re saving automatically with each pay period.  But don’t forget about it entirely.  Consider finding a way to increase your contributions regularly.  You could start each July 1 by increasing your contribution by just 1% or the amount of a salary increase.  The change in your paycheck is minimal, but that extra 1% a year can really add up over time.
  • Do an annual checkup
    Check on the impact of fees or if your funds need to be “re-balanced” like your tires. Talk with a financial advisor associated with the funds to make sure you’re staying on track.

Saving for retirement is your greatest opportunity to shape your future finances.

Instructor(s): Phillip Haslam (Certified Financial Planner, Fidelity Investments); Johnny Chang (Retirement Specialist, Savings Plus)

Audience: The Understanding Our Benefits workshops are intended for any CSU, Chico (state) employee (and significant others) at any point in their career; in fact, the earlier the better!  While the sessions are not aimed at employees approaching retirement, they will be extremely beneficial for those who have retirement in their near horizon. Employees will be asked to register in advance, and are encouraged to bring family (spouses/partners).

Sponsor(s): Human Resources Service Center – Benefits Unit, Fidelity Investments, and SavingsPlus

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