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Additional FAQs are also in the CSU, Chico ITSS Knowledge Base.

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Reports for Managers and Leads

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DTS and In-Person Training

  • DTS: Frequently Asked Questions include the following answers and more:
    • How do I register for in-person training and development opportunities offered on campus?
    • How do I cancel a class in which I have registered?
    • How do I withdraw from an instructor-led course?

Reports for Managers and Leads FAQs

Q:   Who has access to the compliance training reports?

A. To have access to these reports, you must have employees reporting to you in the PeopleSoft-HR system. Having employees that “report to" your position in PeopleSoft-HR has the following implications:

  • DTS: Ability to view reports on required training statuses for employees that report to you
  • DTS: You will automatically be assigned “supervisor” training
  • AMSS: Ability to approve reported absences in Absence Management Self Service (AMSS)

Q:    How does the DTS determine access to the Manager/Lead reports option?

A.  The PeopleSoft "reports to" field is pulled, with employee data, from PeopleSoft and imported in the DTS.  More info...

Q:   I have the ability to approve reported absences in the AMSS for a student or employee, but I don’t see them on my compliance training report.  Why?

A.  The employee likely has multiple campus jobs and the DTS cannot handle multiple job records like PeopleSoft can.  The DTS uses the reports-to of the first active job record in PeopleSoft and sees that position as the employee’s only supervisor – even if the employee has multiple jobs.  (For example, if a student assistant works for Department 1, Department 2, and Department 3; the SA will show up on the report for Department 1, and not in the reports for Department 2 or Department 3.)

Q:  There’s a difference between the learning track names on an individual’s DTS dashboard and the titles of the e-courses. Why?

A.  The learning track is a grouping e-courses.  Some tracks have one e-course and some have several e-courses. Ask individuals to click on their “track” to view the e-courses inside.

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Online Training Technical FAQs

Q: Tips for Mac users? How about iPhones and iPads?

A.  Yes!

  • Don't use a mobile device.
    • The training doesn't play well or at all on phones, tablets, iPhones, iPads, etc.
  • Do use a campus computer
    • In order to easily pass through campus and CSU firewalls.
  • Use Chrome to complete e-courses via the DTS. Firefox is not a supported browser.
    • Update your browser if you haven’t in the last year or so.
    • If you choose to use Safari, be forewarned that only the latest version works with the training. To ensure Safari is updating, enable automatic updates. To do this, click the Apple icon in the upper right, then click System Preferences --> App Store, and make sure all boxes except "automatically download apps purchased on other Macs" are checked. Just below those check boxes, there should be a button to "Show Updates". Clicking that will take you to the App Store. From there, click "Updates" in the upper right and see if you have any pending updates for Safari.
    • If you need any assistance with this please call ITSS at x4357.
  • Enable pop-ups for
    • If the e-course disappears after you click Launch or Retake, your system may not be allowing pop-ups. If you get a message asking if you want to enable pop-ups for, select allow pop-ups for that website.
    • Illustrated instructions to enable pop-ups can be found here.  Click on “Enabling pop-ups for…” and select the red title with the name of the browser you’re using.

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Q: I can't get into the system.  When are employees able to access the DTS?

A. If you are new or have had a break in service, the system will recognize your active payroll status about one week prior to your first paycheck.  This "active payroll status" is currently required by the CSU systemwide professional development system and can cause a delay in an employee's ability to access compliance training.

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Q: I've received a "Launch Terminated" error. What do I do?

A.  If you login, launch or retake the course, and it gives you the above error, submit an ITSS request.  Let them know you are attempting to launch CSU online compliance training, and you have received an error that states, "Launch terminated: The asset is not in the user's catalog."  It may be a CEPID error and ITSS can assist in resolving the error.

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Q: There's a slide without a next button. How do I move forward in the training?

A.  You must complete any activities within the slide or window before the Next button will display.

Below is an example of a slide without a next button, that has an activity to complete:

This is a slide without a Next button

Once completed, the next button will display and allow you to progress through the training.

Training slide with Next button

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Q: Required Safety Training: how do you complete the courses successfully?

A.  You must allow each slide to finish playing before pressing next.  See the steps below:

  1. Allow the slide to finish playing. It takes only a few seconds.
  2. Select the Next button.
  3. Watch to see if the slides you have viewed are "greying out" in the left navigation.  After all the menu items are "grey", you can finish the course.

Safety training course slide example

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Q:  I believe I'm having a browser issue.  How to I update my browser?

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Q:  I'm stuck.  Where can I get further tech support?

A.  For DTS support, review Important System Requirements, contact Professional Development at (530) 898-6433, call ITSS at (530) 898-4357, or submit an ITSS Service Request. To help you, we'll need the following information:

  • Are you using a Mac or PC?
  • Campus or personal computer? (Note: the e-courses don't currently work on portable devices such as phones, tablets, iPhones, iPads, etc.)
  • Did you already walk through the “Getting Started” instructions prior to logging in to the DTS?
  • Which browser are you using?
  • What is the name of the training you are attempting to launch?

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My Training Assignments

Q: What do the colors of the progress bars on the dashboard indicate?

image of green, yellow, and red progress bars

A.  The learning track is a grouping of e-courses.  The status of each course, and their expiry dates, generate colors to the right of the learning track on the "dashboard" when the employee first logs in to the DTS.

  • Green indicates that the learner is compliant, and no further action is needed.
  • Gold or yellow is a warning that an e-course within the track will be expiring within 30 days. The learner is sent a reminder that the course will be expiring soon and encouraged to "retake" it before the expiry date.
  • Red indicates that the employee is out of compliance.  Click on the learning track to find out why.

The percentage progress is based on the number of courses within the learning track and how many are finished, rather than the how far along the learner has progressed in a particular course.

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Q: How do I view my assigned compliance courses?

A. Select My Menu in the black navigation bar, and then select My Assignment.

image of my menu and my assignment navigation

Then view your assigned training and the "expiry dates" that indicate by when you will need to retake a course. (The screen shot below was taken in early January 2017. Notice which training is expiring in January 2017, and offers a "retake" option.)

image of my assigned training

Suggestion: place a reminder in your calendar two weeks before the expiry date to ensure you take time to complete the training before it expires.

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Q: If the progress bars aren't reflecting my progress in the course, what does the percentage indicate?

progress bars with percentages

A.  The percentage progress is based on the number of courses within the learning track and how many are finished, rather than the how far along the learner has progressed in a particular course.

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Q: What is a "Track" or learning track? How come it's not the same name as the e-course?

A.  A "learning track" or "track" refers to the same training assignment process in the DTS. It is similar to a folder and the e-courses reside inside. A learning track may have one or many courses within it and typically has a general name, different than the name of the assigned e-course.  Most employees have multiple learning tracks and this is the process used to assign required training. You must click on the learning track to see which e-courses are inside.

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Q: My course is "finished," but I received a notice the course is expiring (and my learning track is golden yellow). Why?

A.  The system provides a 30-day (email) notice to Retake an e-course that is about to expire.

Click on the blue font which is the name of the track, or folder, that has the e-course(s). This opens the track and allows you to see the e-courses inside.

open the training track

You will see an Action, Status Name, and Status Date for each course. If you have taken this course before, it will display that it is finished and the date finished. However, if the course must be retaken periodically and your course is about to expire, you will have a "Retake" option in the Action column.  Click the "Retake" option to complete the course and update your status date.

retake finished course

Note the "expiry date" of the e-course in this view. This is the date by which you must "retake" the course in order to stay compliant. Click here to view the frequency in which certain e-courses must be retaken.

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Q: What does course "Status" mean?

A.  Course status indicates whether or not the course is complete. Red font indicates courses that need action.

  • Finished > The desired result!
  • Finished - Expired > The employee is out of compliance and needs to retake the course.  If the employer is no longer assigned a learning track that requires this course, they may no longer need to take it.
  • Finished - Non-compliant > The employee is out of compliance and needs to retake the course.  If the employer is no longer assigned a learning track that requires this course, they may no longer need to take it.
  • Overdue - Expired > the employee is out of compliance and needs to launch and finish the course. 
  • In Progress > The employee is within the 30-day grace period to complete a course before it expires.
  • In Progress - Overdue > The 30-day grace period has passed, the employee is out of compliance and needs to launch and finish the course.
  • Not Taken > The employee is within the 30-day grace period to complete the recently assigned course.
  • Not Taken - Overdue > The employee has exceeded the 30-day grace period, is out of compliance and needs to launch and finish the course.
  • Requested > The employee has requested that an instructor-led training (ILT) be scheduled. However, it is best to contact the training coordinator directly (or call x6433) to get further information regarding when this course will be offered again.

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Q: What do the online course "Actions" mean?

online course actions

A.  The "actions" for e-courses indicate when you'll receive "credit" for taking the course:

  • Launch - You have yet to take this course. Launch it, finish it, and the DTS will record your completion.
  • Retake - You're due to retake this course. Retake it, finish it, and the DTS will record your completion.
  • Review - No credit will be given if you review this course. You have already taken this course, are not due and/or are already in compliance. What if you want to change the date your course expires? More...

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Q: What is an "Expiry Date"?

A.  The date a previously “finished” course expires, and therefore will be due to be retaken. The employee will be out of compliance as of the Expiry Date. The DTS will notify the employee 30 days prior to the expiry date to retake the training, so that they have an opportunity to stay compliant.

Note: Courses that are “Not Taken” or “Not Taken – Overdue” have to be finished before they will display an expiry date.

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Q: How do I change the date I need to retake an e-course?

A. You can review the training earlier than required, print out the certificate of completion and send it to Professional Development, HRSC, Zip 0010, requesting your finished date be updated. Or attach a scanned version of the certificate in an email to, requesting that your finished date be updated with the new date, pushing out the expiry date for the training.

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Q: How are people notified that they should complete online training?

A.  Once the user's employment data is in the DTS, it automatically enrolls them in certain compliance trainings (based on PeopleSoft job data) and emails them notices from Learning track, course due dates, and course expiry communications are using a campus standard schedule for compliance training notifications.  Currently, that notification schedule is:

  • 30 days before due/expiration
  • 14 days before due/expiration
  • 1 day after due/expired [cc: to "reports to" is currently offline]
  • 31 days after due/expired [cc: to "reports to" is currently offline]

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Q: Why did I receive a Learning Track notice that said I needed to complete the training in 30 days – when I had already completed the training?

A. The system assigns learning tracks, and then courses within the track.  If you have completed a course before it was assigned to you in a learning track, the system then processes your course completion and marks your learning track as complete.  You can view your status in the DTS to see if this is true.

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Q: I’m retired.  Why did I get this notice?

A. Anyone in active payroll status in PeopleSoft-HR receives notices. If you’re still receiving a paycheck from the campus, you are considered an active employee (by external agencies).

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