NEW Professional Development Offerings!

Human Resources, in partnership with University Staff Development Programs, is rolling out a series of new professional development opportunities this spring. These courses provide participants with tools for effective communication and team building. We hope you embrace this opportunity to strengthen your leadership and build better partnerships across campus and beyond.

Each course is an interactive, practice-based workshop that provides materials and activities to help you incorporate what you’ve learned. The goal of each is to use interaction skills to foster open communication and promote a culture of trust, mutual respect and collaboration.

Building a Human-Focused Workforce

Open to staff, faculty, and managers:

  • Navigating Beyond Conflict© (DDI) – 2/15/2017 (4 hours)
    Learn to recognize the warning signs of conflict and what actions can prevent situations from escalating or work out a conflict if it does escalate.
  • Communicating with Impact© (DDI) – 3/28/2017 (4 hours)
    Learn interaction skills that enable you to communicate more effectively with colleagues and stakeholders and, in the process, build trust, strengthen partnerships, and achieve impactful results.

Leading Others

Open to management, chairs and lead positions, these courses provide managers and supervisors with tools for communicating more effectively and building trust.

  • Building and Sustaining Trust© (DDI) – 2/28/2017 (4 hours)
    Leaders who build trusting relationships enable people to take risks, identify and solve problems, and collaborate to achieve successful results.
  • Communicating for Leadership Success© (DDI) – 3/2/2017 (4 hours)
    Leaders with strong interpersonal skills easily mobilize and engage others. Learn tools to spark action and build strong interpersonal relationships.
  • Conversations to Inspire Performance© (DDI) – 3/10/2107 (4 hours)
    Learn how to transform everyday conversations to inspire direct reports to achieve their personal best, strengthen their performance, and grow trust.

What is DDI?

Development Dimensions International (DDI) courses are founded in science and Industrial/Organizational Psychology research. DDI specializes in pioneering programs and services to develop organizational talent and great leaders. Theses courses are brought to you through a University Staff Development Program partnership with Butte College’s Training Place by certified DDI facilitators.

Audience: Staff, faculty, chairs and managers

Sponsors: University Staff Development Programs and Human Resources Service Center


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