Training Management System

Training Flow Process

Training Workflow

Interested in offering a training opportunity to employees on campus, but unsure where to start? Departments can now  partner with the Learning Technologies team to design and host their instructor led and online classes within CSU Learn. To start the process, simply submit a service request to start the process with one of our local training administrators. 

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After receiving your training request we will follow the following workflow to review/approve your training and enter it in the CSU Learn System. New learning activities will be designed by the CSU Learning training administrators from the TLP and DLT departments.

Training Request Workflow

Business Processes of the training flow

Training Request

Once a new training request comes in, a business analyst will prepare a TeamDynamix project request ticket, which can be used to coordinate effort toward requirements gathering.

Once requirements are understood, the analyst will prepare a project scope document which includes the following:

  1. What is the training called?
  2. What is the business need that justifies the project?
  3. Executive summary of the project
  4. Benefits and risks
  5. Projected stakeholders
  6. Projected timeline
  7. How many people does this impact?
  8. How does this prepare us for the future?
  9. Does this make us more efficient?

Advisory Group Review

Once the training has passed an initial review it will be referred to the Enterprise Training Collab, which discusses projects that affect University staff and faculty training systems, such as CSU Learn. The ETC group is a collaborative group of Training Area Coordinators who will review the proposed training, suggest any necessary changed and issue a final decision. A training area coordinator or a CSU Learn administrator will notify the original requestor if the training has been approved or it requires any changes.

Building Activity in CSU Learn Sandbox

After the ETC Collab has approved the training, the CSU Learn Administrator will build the learning activity in the CSU Learn Sandbox, which is our testing system. At this stage all necessary options - such as time, date, location, instructor will be added to the learning activity.

Accessibility Review

Once the learning activity is live in our testing system, a link to the activity will be send to the Office of Accessible Technology and Services (OATS), which ensures the training meets the Section 504 and 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act and CSU ATI standards. 

Final review by CSU Learn Admin

Following the Office of Accessible Technology and Services (OATS) approval the new training activity will go through a final review by the CSU Learn Domain Administrator. 

Training Activity Moved to Staging & Production

At this stage the learning activity will be moved to CSU Learn Staging environment. The staging environment is one step away from production.  Here the CSU Learn administrator will verify all information is correct and the activity is working as expected. 

Schedule Trainings/Assign Users

Once the activity is in production, the CSU Learn administrator will add the scheduled sessions and if required will assign the learning activity to the required training audience.