TRIO Student Support Services

Workshops & Seminars

TRIO-SSS programming is designed to provide scholars with the information you need at exactly the right time. Scholars participate in relevant and interactive workshops and seminars throughout the academic year.


TRIO-SSS workshops are interactive, activity-based, and learner-centered. Workshops are usually offered in a short time-frame, between 1-3 hours in length.

Workshop topics include:

  • FAFSA Renewal
  • Staying on track for graduation
  • Finding a major
  • Budgeting
  • Time management and organization
  • Staying healthy on a student budget
  • Applying to graduate school

Scholars are also encouraged to take full advantage of the free workshops and tutoring offered through the Student Learning Center (SLC) and Career Center.


A seminar is a combination of workshops offered over the course of a day, weekend, or semester. Scholars earn academic credit and/or certificates for their participation.

Seminars offered include:

  • First Year Enrichment Seminar - freshmen
  • Career Exploration Seminar - sophomores
  • Leadership Through Scholarship Seminar - all students
  • Life After College Seminar – graduating seniors
People sitting at the front of a workshop.