Janet Turner Print Museum

Board of Directors

The Turner Museum's Board of Directors comprises civic, community, business, and educational leaders.

They share a common vision that through the museum's commitment to preserve, enhance, and interpret its collection it will be a center to learn about, view, and gain appreciation for art and the fine art print.

The Turner Museum Board of Directors

  • Karen Avis
  • Paula Busch
    Vice President
  • Susan Champion
  • Judy Chiapella
  • Michael Cook
  • Teresa Cotner
  • Ginny Crawford
  • Brenda Crotts
  • Lily English
  • Sandy Goulart
  • Eileen Macdonald
  • Asa Mittman
  • JoAnn Morgan
  • Susan Schrader
  • Howard Slater
  • David Thode
  • Thomas Thomson
  • Jeff Wanee
  • Logan Weichers