Janet Turner Print Museum

Turner “Revisiting” Japanese Prints, October 7-29

The CSU, Chico Turner Print Museum presents “Revisiting Japan,” the bookend to another Japanese print exhibition, “After Ukiyo-e,” which was presented almost a year ago at The Turner.

“Revisiting Japan,” a survey of translated and researched Japanese wood-block relief prints from the 1800s to the mid 20th century, runs Oct. 7-29 with a curator's talk and reception on Thursday, Oct. 13 beginning at 5 p.m.

Janet Turner Print Museum curator Catherine Sullivan and CSU, Chico Professor Emeritus Dr. Yoshio Kusaba have selected for the exhibition around 30 prints ranging in genre and tradition from three styles of  Japanese printmaking -- Ukiyo-e, Shin Hanga and Sosuku Hanga. 

“Since I became curator in 1993 I have worked with Dr. Kusaba several times in presenting the Japanese holdings in the Turner Print Collection,” said Sullivan. “Janet Turner was very inspired in her printmaking by the historic Japanese printmaking techniques. She even knew some of the 20th century printmakers in the collection and got her print paper from Japan.”

Dr. Kusaba, in collaboration with students enrolled in a Osher Lifelong Learning Institute class he taught last Spring, Japanese Art, researched prints chosen from The Turner collection.

They did research using Internet sources, the Meriam Library and the Turner Museum Library to find information on each print. Since Dr. Kusaba is fluent in Japanese, he was able to access sources in Japanese and translate print identification information contained in the print itself. Kusaba edited the student’s text for authenticity and accuracy.

After researching the works, the students in the class formed teams and after much scholarly debate “nominated” prints to be considered by Sullivan and Kusaba for the exhibition.