This Way to Sustainability Conference

Breakout Sessions

THURSDAY | March 25, 2021

Keynote Speaker | 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. 
SpeakerSession Description
Bill Shireman(opens in new window), Ph.D., UC Berkeley Haas School of Business

In This Together: how to reach across the political and economic divide toward finding workable solutions to our Climate Crisis”

Breakout 1 | 10:10 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. 
TrackSpeaker(s)OrganizationSession Title
1) Environment, Land Planning, & Natural SystemsEli GoodsellBig Chico Creek Ecological ReservesThe Urgency for Stewarding California’s Forest(opens in new window)
2) Built Environment, Engineering, & Waste ManagementRachel WongCSU, Office of the ChancellorGetting the Carbon Out of Buildings: What Works for the CSU?(opens in new window)
3) Health, Wellness, Diet, & NutritionGayle Kimball, Ph.D.CSU ChicoClimate Girls Saving Our World(opens in new window)
4) Food Systems & Regenerative AgricultureCynthia Daley, PhDCSU Chico Center for Regenerative Agriculture & Resilient SystemsRegenerative Agricultural Solutions to Soil Degradation and the Climate Crisis(opens in new window)
5)Entrepreneurship, Marketing & Supply Chain ManagementBen SampsonWeHeroActivating Corporate Sustainability(opens in new window)
6) Social Justice & Public PolicyMr. Edward Quevedo, J.D. , Ms. Mackinzee Marie MachoThe Foresight+Innovation LabThe End of Sustainability: Regenerative Development and Cultural Transformation(opens in new window)
7) Arts, Humanities & Creative ExpressionChauncey L Foster, Benjamin Parr, & Noah MertzWe.Grow.Eco Making Actionable Change a Habit: A We.Grow.Eco Project (opens in new window)
Breakout 2 | 11:10 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
TrackSpeaker(s)OrganizationSession Title
1) Environment, Land Planning, & Natural SystemsEmilyn Sheffield, Joel Ramirez, Daniel Crispino, Juan Ruiz, & Liliana GarciaCSU ChicoCareer Camp: Increasing Engagement Awareness for Diverse First Term Students(opens in new window)
2) Built Environment, Engineering, & Waste ManagementArianne Ortegaray, Shyla BlackGRID AlternativesPowering Community Resilience Through Energy Equity
3) Health, Wellness, Diet, & NutritionMaria Giovanni, PhDDepartment of Nutrition CSU ChicoConnecting Personal Health to Planet Health: A Case Study with First Year Students(opens in new window)
4) Food Systems & Regenerative AgricultureJared Geiser, Lynette K Niebrugge, & Jeffrey CrequeGlenn County Resource Conservation District & Carbon Cycle InstituteBuilding Resiliency in Soils and Communities through Carbon Farming(opens in new window)
5)Entrepreneurship, Marketing & Supply Chain ManagementSarah Smith & Nikita BangeraCSU East BayMarketing to save the world: Psychology and Sustainable Marketing(opens in new window)
6) Social Justice & Public PolicyWendy Olmstead & Dr. Debra RoweCSU Stanislaus & Higher Education Associations Sustainability ConsortiumBeyond Doom and Gloom: Climate Solutions for Students
7) Arts, Humanities & Creative ExpressionShawn ShafnerThe People's Own Organic Power (POOP) ProjectAssume the Throne: The Tao of Poo and Collective Transformation(opens in new window)
Keynote Speaker | 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. 
SpeakerSession Description
Jennifer Atkinson(opens in new window) Ph.D., Associate Professor Environmental Humanities, University of Washington“Eco-Grief & Climate Anxiety: In a time when there is so much bad news, how do we learn to cope?"

Breakout 3 | 2:10 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
TrackSpeaker(s)OrganizationSession Title
1) Environment, Land Planning, & Natural SystemsJacquelyn Chase, Casey Hegel, Peter Hansen & Samuel MijalCSU ChicoVulnerability to Fire in the Wildland Urban Interface: Lessons from the Camp Fire(opens in new window)
2) Built Environment, Engineering, & Waste ManagementMassey Burke & Chris KerstonThe California Straw Building Association & The Savory InstituteThe Regenerative Fire Rebuild Project
3) Health, Wellness, Diet, & NutritionJosh Trout PhDCSU ChicoSustaining an Extraordinary Life Through Movement: The tools to transform your health(opens in new window)
4) Food Systems & Regenerative Agriculture

Emily Moose

Callan Glover

A Greener World 

University Reno, Nevada

Life Cycle Assessment of Integrated Resource Recovery on Large-Scale California Dairy Farms(opens in new window)

Another buzzword or our only hope? The role of third-party certification in meaningful assessment of regenerative farming(opens in new window)

5)Entrepreneurship, Marketing & Supply Chain ManagementElline Deogracias, Tracie Tung, Sarah Johnson & Natale ZappiaCSU NorthridgeA Closer Look at CSR Practices in Sustainable Fashion: A Guideline for Apparel Brands(opens in new window)
6) Social Justice & Public PolicyDr. Peter Michael Hess & Spencer McNairnCSU ChicoSeeking Common Ground on Climate Sustainability: a Dialogue Between Two Generations(opens in new window)
7) Arts, Humanities & Creative ExpressionDr. Mark Stemen, Nora Pizzella, Katherine Dahl & Chelsea BarronCSU ChicoBuilding Community Resilience by Telling Stories of Climate Action(opens in new window)
Breakout 4 | 3:10 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
TrackSpeaker(s)OrganizationSession Title
1) Environment, Land Planning, & Natural SystemsJillian Buckholz & Kim NapoliCSU East BayCreating an Air Travel Offset Policy at Cal State East Bay(opens in new window)
2) Built Environment, Engineering, & Waste ManagementFred KlammtWinSoL.orgMitigating global weirding - adapting design to a changing world(opens in new window)
3) Health, Wellness, Diet, & NutritionHayley Heino, MS & Joanna Rodriguez Bahena Center for Healthy CommunitiesCultivating Food Literacy and Economic Diversity at Farmers’ Markets(opens in new window)
4) Food Systems & Regenerative AgricultureConsuelo Baez Vega & Ana Medic

CSU Chico

Benefits of Cover Cropping Systems in Walnut Orchards as Sustainable Agricultural Practice(opens in new window)
5)Entrepreneurship, Marketing & Supply Chain ManagementGarrett LilesCSU ChicoRAD Lab

6)Social Justice & Public Policy

Antonia Carolina Castro-Graham, Julia Islas, Olivia Martinez, Sean Hamada, Alec D’leon, & Kenneth Hagihara 

Beth Weinman, Marissa Acosta, Jason Vang, Ayanna Alewine, Nicole Lucha, Feng Teter, Iris Soto, Michael Mayfield, & Juana Lozano

City of Fullerton & CSU Fullerton

CSU Fresno & SEI Climate Corps

Town and Gown Partnerships to Foster Sustainable Communities(opens in new window)

Ongoing Student-led Sustainability Efforts at Fresno State (opens in new window)

7)Arts, Humanities & Creative Expression

Nikoal PhantomCSU Chico A New Approach to Inspire Activism? How Art Enhances Environmental Education Programs and Stimulates Empathy and Concern for Bees and other Pollinators(opens in new window)
Environmental Community Gathering Happy Hour | 4:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m 
Hosted by Butte Environmental Council(opens in new window) and the Environmental Coalition of Butte County(opens in new window), this gathering will offer a lively and social celebration for ongoing local environmental efforts. The gathering showcases dozens of Butte County region groups, organizations and agencies working on various environmental issues in the North State. The Gathering is a place to provide opportunities for TWTS attendees to meet local environmental leaders, share common concerns, and engage in environmental work. You're invited bring their own beverage and mingle with each other as you bounce from “table to table” interacting with various environmental groups from the region on a variety of issues.
Poster Symposium Presentations | 
PresenterOrganizationPoster Title
Adrien van DykeCalifornia State University East Bay - Office of SustainabilityCall Logo "Campus" Cleanups in a Virtual Age
Ana MedicCSU ChicoWastewater Stabilization Pond System as a Sustainable and Economically Beneficial Solution for Puno, Peru
Madeline McAndrewCSU ChicoConsumer Awareness of Fava Beans: Nutritive Properties, Consumption, and Preparation Methods
Sharn BasiCSU East Bay, Office of SustainabilityTragedy of the Commons
Elizabeth Jimenez, Alondra Salazar, Arthur Carlos, Michelle Nguyen, Xayaphone SalinthoneCalifornia State University, FresnoSustainability through Data Analytics
Samantha Thomas (she/her), Wendy Olmstead, Destiny SuarezCalifornia State University, Stanislaus, Stanislaus State Eco WarriorsConnecting Sustainability Across Warrior Nation
Eva Ottum, Evan WarnsBoston CollegeEngineering a Bioreactor using Principles of Frugal Innovation
Anna LenakerRepustarCultivating Eco-Consciousness: Global and Local Approaches
Wendy OlmsteadHigher Education Associations Sustainability Consortium/California State University StanislausBraiding Sweetgrass Into a Sustainable Campus Culture
Richard McDonaldRetired Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory PhysicistModular Truck - The Future of Trucking from Farm to Consumer
Devin Odom, Callan Glover, Pablo CornejoUniversity of Nevada, RenoCalifornia Dairy Water and Energy Usage Life Cycle Assessment

FRIDAY | March 26, 2020

Keynote Speaker | 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.
SpeakerSession Description
Katharine Wilkinson(opens in new window) Ph.D., Author, Strategist, and Editor-in-Chief at Project Drawdown(opens in new window)

All We Can Save: Empowering women and girls in a climate renaissance”

Breakout 5 | 10:10 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
TrackSpeaker(s)OrganizationSession Title
1) Environment, Land Planning, & Natural SystemsBonnie Persons, JD MBA, John Meyer, JD, Araceli Vargas Ayala, and Julie BeckCSU ChicoWater Law. The Maui Case: Time and Distance and 50 years backwards?(opens in new window)
2) Built Environment, Engineering, & Waste ManagementDingXin ChengCSU ChicoImproving Sustainability of Roadway Construction through California Pavement Preservation Center(opens in new window)
3) Health, Wellness, Diet, & Nutrition

Sara Keough, MS, CNS, LDN

Understanding AG

The Role of Pasture-raised Animals in Human & Ecological Health(opens in new window)

4) Food Systems & Regenerative AgricultureAnastaysia Cole, Yesm Lydia Breen, Alejandra A Arciniega Greeley, Leslie ChangPlanet Earth ObservatoryClimate Change in A Hungry World: A Community Science Healthy Soils Investigation(opens in new window)
5)Entrepreneurship, Marketing & Supply Chain ManagementTamara Wallace, Brad Haydel, Tom JohnsonCSU Chancellors Office, CSU LACSU Sustainable Procurement Policy(opens in new window)
6) Social Justice & Public PolicyMelissa ReyesCSU San MarcosSocial Justice Through Sustainability: Acknowledging students of environmentally discriminated areas through sustainable efforts on campus(opens in new window)
7) Arts, Humanities & Creative Expression

Ms. Melina Sempill Watts

David Eaton


CSU Chico

Cultural Impacts on Ecosystem Transitions: the Rise of the Anthropocene in Novel "Tree" by Melina Sempill Watts(opens in new window)

Reimagining Chico's historic core(opens in new window)

Breakout 6 | 11:10 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
TrackSpeaker(s)OrganizationSession Title
1) Environment, Land Planning & Natural SystemsNoelle Ferdon Brimlow & Brooklynn LozanoCSU ChicoEngaging Students in Environmental Activism(opens in new window)
2) Built Environments, Engineering & Waste Management

Dylan Hall, Mayko Aguirre & Dr. Pablo K Cornejo

Keoni Liclican

CSU Chico

Social, Environmental, and Economic (SEE) Wastewater Decision Support for Small Communities(opens in new window)

3) Health, Wellness, Diet & Nutrition Sarah Johnson & Juliana Goodlaw-MorrisCSU Northridge & CSU San MarcosSustainable Menstruation: Making Periods Zero Waste and Accessible to All(opens in new window)
4) Food Systems & Regenerative Agriculture Megan Luke & Elizabeth A. Boyd, PhDCSU ChicoOld field new tech: How scientific innovation and data science are increasing sustainable practices in commercial agriculture(opens in new window)

5)Entrepreneurship, Marketing & Supply Chain Management

Cheri Chastain

Marie Patterson

CSU Chico

Climate Action and Resilience Planning at Chico State(opens in new window)

Presenting the Strategic Energy Master Plan for Chico State(opens in new window)

6) Social Justice & Public Policy

Jesse Engebretson

Kerri Vanderbom, Betina Wildhaber, Josephine Blagrave

CSU Chico

CSU Chico

Paying Attention to Process: Mitigating Epistemic Violence on Environmental Planning and Policy Development Collaborative Teams(opens in new window)

Sustainability Through the Disability Lens

7) Arts, Humanities & Creative ExpressionDr. Tim Sistrunk, Nathaniel M Millard, Dr Mark Stemen & Angela CaslerCSU ChicoRenewing the Sustainability Designation for Courses at Chico State(opens in new window)
Keynote Speaker | 12:00p.m. - 1:00p.m.
SpeakerSession Description
Leah Penniman(opens in new window) MA, Co-Executive Director of Soul Fire Farm(opens in new window) and Author of Farming While Black: Soul Fire Farm’s Practical Guide to Liberation on the Land

 Uprooting Racism and Seeding Sovereignty

Concurrent Workshops | 2:15pm - 3:45pm 
Workshop TitleLeader(s)OrganizationDescription
Environmental Resiliency CollaborativeMegan Kurtz, Eli Goodsell, & Jason SchwenklerCSU Chico

Come see how CSU, Chico's Environmental Resiliency Collaborative (ERC) can assist you in your next environmental project! 


With a focus on the natural environment and working land, the ERC identifies and prioritizes solutions for current and future challenges by conducting research, securing resources, implementing projects, and telling stories focused on the recovery and resiliency of our region.  The goal of the ERC is to support collaboration focused on building resiliency in our region by extending invitations to all center, units, and community partners to join and/or participate in environmental resiliency related work through scholarship, teaching, and service. 


This workshop will highlight what expertise and services Chico State can provide to our local partners working on environmental projects and how you can request assistance from the ERC on your next endeavor.   

Carbon Farm Planning 101

Cindy Daley & Priya Tuvell

CSU Chico

Learn the purpose, process and development of a whole farm plan to conserve/replenish soil and sequester carbon using the University Farm as our example. 

Resource concerns on a farm, ranch, or forestland are addressed through the application of targeted, site-specific conservation practices with known and/or quantifiable greenhouse gas benefits. A carbon plan can include supporting conservation practices that do not necessarily have a direct benefit to soil health, carbon, or greenhouse gas, but are essential to the function of the plan.  Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and enhancing carbon sequestration on these lands have numerous co-benefits that improve ecosystem function and health. 

The carbon plan contains all the elements of a conservation plan including an inventory and analysis of current resource conditions, on-farm carbon sequestration and GHG mitigation potential, and the client’s decision regarding the implementation of a conservation system that will address the identified resource concerns.

The workshop will cover the phases of carbon farm planning including some of the following:

  1. Collection and Analysis of Information
  2. Identify Client’s Objectives: Includes client’s short and long term goals for operation including soil health, carbon sequestration and GHG emissions reduction.
  3. Establish a resource inventory
  4. Using the NRCS Web Soil Survey – establish baseline soil carbon and baseline production information
  5. Build a plan that addresses soil degradation and emissions using conservation production practices and regenerative agriculture
  6. Quantify the carbon sequestration potential
  7. Quantify the water benefits
  8. Create summary tables and supporting data
  9. Setup an implementation program
  10. Setup a monitoring program
  11. Finalize the plan and begin.
Climate Change and Resilience - Faculty Development WorkshopMark Stemen & Cheri ChastainCSU Chico

Calling all faculty... Come learn how you can incorporate climate change and resilience into your courses!

This spring, the Campus Sustainability Curriculum Subcommittee held three workshops on Teaching Climate Change and Resilience(opens in new window) in the classroom.  This fourth workshop will quickly review the three previous workshops, with a special focus on the resources we assembled for faculty to use in their classrooms.

Following that brief review, this workshop will shift focus to the upcoming Faculty Learning Community on Climate Change and Resilience planned for Spring '22. In that FLC, participants will be invited to think about teaching and learning with a focus on climate change and resilience. Our goal for the FLC is to support teaching climate change and resilience across all disciplines and fields of study. So, our conversation in this workshop will be driven by the questions that emerge from participants’ discussions: what are the obstacles to incorporating climate change and resilience into the course you teach and how can we structure the FLC to surmount them together?

We encourage faculty from any campus to attend the conversation as it promises to be informative and inspiring!