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Undergraduate Education (UED) advances equitable student success through curricular and co-curricular programs that attract students from diverse backgrounds and help them excel academically, build community, and launch life-long journeys of personal, intellectual, and civic discovery.  A hub of campus innovation and collaboration, UED leads the Chico State community in continuously improving the way we educate students for purpose and success in the contemporary world.

Our Programs 

Student Spotlight

The UED Outstanding Student Leader 2024 is presented to a student from a UED program who has demonstrated significant student leadership and has made a substantial contribution to the enrichment of student life at CSU, Chico. The 2024 UED Outstanding Student Leader award was presented to Karen Chavez Acevedo. 

Izabel Silva Student SpotlightedKaren has been part of the REACH Program since fall 2020 (when she started as a first year 'mentee'). Karen demonstrates leadership both inside and outside of the classroom. In the classroom, she is a double major studying both Spanish & Latin American Studies with a minor in Political Science. She plans to be a high school Spanish teacher and then principal and school superintendent. Outside of the classroom, Karen has not only served as a REACH Peer Mentor for the last two years, but she has also works for CA Mini-Corps where she provides tutoring to children of migrant families, she is also the President of her sorority (Zeta Sigma Chi), VP of Public Relations for the MGC Executive Board, and is a participant of the Great Teachers Pipeline.

Jessica Dietrich, RSSC Senor Coordinator said "I like to think of a mentor as someone who helps others in reaching their true potential, and Karen has done this for many students both inside and outside of our program. As a role model and someone who leads with compassion and empathy, Karen has made a profound impact on REACH and the Chico State community."

Why you chose Chico State: I chose Chico State because I heard great things about the teaching credential programs, and I fell in love with the campus when I came to visit it.

Your Leadership quote/mission/vision: I am a first-generation student, so coming into college was a new experience for me that I was nervous about, but I am so grateful that REACH and my mentor were helping me along the way. They inspired me to help other students like me, making an impact in their lives and making sure my mentees achieve their goals that they set for themselves. I have learned so much from my mentees and they really made such a positive impact in my life.

Plans after graduation: After I graduate with my Bachelors, I plan on going straight to the Single Subject Bilingual Teaching Credential so I can eventually teach ELD/Spanish to high schoolers. And hopefully in the future get my masters to become principal and then superintendent.

Words of advice for current/future students: Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone, either by joining a club, taking a class in something you’re not familiar with, changing your major,etc. You really learn a lot about yourself, can help guide you to the right direction, and can make your college experience a lot more fun!

UED Equity Champion 2024

The UED Equity Champion award goes to a UED employee who goes above and beyond in furthering our mission of supporting historically underserved students and equitable student success. Often the work of an equity champion is invisible or unrecognized, and we asked for nominations from our unit to help recognize those in UED who work tirelessly for the benefit of our students. The first annual award goes to Enrique "Ricky" Galvan, who works in the REACH Student Success Center as a Student Success Specialist. Ricky spends each day working one on one with students who need support with classes, help with financial aid and other basic needs, or just a friendly face and someone to listen. In addition, he works tirelessly to spread the word about the RSSC through outreach and partnerships and to build events and workshops to increase students sense of belonging, improve their academic skills, and connect them to resources. 

Ricky's nominator, Jessie Mendoza, noted that "for me Ricky stands out. His energy and upbeat nature is admirable, and he lives it every day... I can only imagine how impactful it is for the students to have that kind of positive student advisor, mentor, and truly inclusive personality around them in the center." She added that Ricky "lives equity in his day-to-day interactions with the students, faculty, and staff that he connects with."

Headshot of Rick GalvanMy name is Enrique Galvan, but everyone calls me Ricky! I grew up in Gridley, CA, and was raised by my family of Mexican immigrants who came to this country in hopes of giving us a better life. I came to Chico State thanks to the inspiration and support my parents provided me, as well as the empowerment that my TRIO Educational Talent Search advisors gave to me as a youth. As a proud double alumnus of Chico State, I am grateful to be a part of the REACH Student Success Center professional staff team where I get to support the next generation of Wildcats with their educational and professional careers! 


How do you define “equity” in your work?
Student’s academic and professional success are key to the work I do on campus. I understand that all students have the same finish line of graduation, but that not everyone has the same starting line due to their backgrounds. I feel it is my responsibility to meet students where they are, and provide them with all the care and support I can give them to let them know that they are cared for and valued on campus.

What word of wisdom would you like to share with the next generation of equity champions in UED and at Chico State?
This quote from Cesar Chavez has always stuck with me: “We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community. Our ambitions must be broad enough to include aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own.” This concept of ‘service to others’ has been embedded in me since a kid, and as a community member I feel it is our responsibility to create a nurturing environment where all can flourish.

Student Success Research Symposium and Awards

The UED Research Symposium & Awards Celebration is a showcase of faculty and student research and creative work related to equity and student success in higher education. In addition to sharing current research, the event celebrates the outstanding work of students, faculty, and staff who are advancing our understanding of equitable academic success.

Presenter at Student Success Research Symposium and Awards


Early Career Community Engagement: Dr. Stephanie Machado

Early Career Community Engagement: Dr. Lindsey Nenadal

Civically Engaged Scholar: Dr. Kathryn Mercurio

Civically Engaged Scholar: Dr. William Nitzky

Excellence and Equity in General Education: Dr. Nathaniel Heggins Bryant

Excellence and Equity in General Education: Tina Hanson-Lewis

Excellence in Course Design for Undergraduate Research: Dr. Monica So

Excellence in Course Design for Undergraduate Research: Dr. Maris Thompson

Undergraduate Equity Champion: Enrique “Ricky” Galvan

Outstanding Student in Honors Interdisciplinary Thesis or Creative Project: Sophia Gonzalez

Outstanding Student in Honors, Leadership, & Change: Lisa Perry

Kirk Monfort Honors Award: Selena Chavez

UED Outstanding Student Leader: Karen Chavez Acevedo

Innovating for Student Success

Undergraduate Education’s programs span the student experience from high school outreach to meaningful first-year learning in and outside the classroom to faculty-mentored research and opportunities for professional development through peer mentoring, public event planning, and community-engaged educational research.

Driven by leading-edge learning theory, the collaborative professionals of Undergraduate Education work in partnership with faculty and staff across campus to design and support student-centered curricular and co-curricular innovation. L

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