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CUReCAP HEERF Awards 2021-2022

Course-Based Undergraduate Research & Creative Activities Program (CUReCAP)

Recovery and Resilience: Student-Faculty Research Partnerships
A Higher Education Emergency Relief Funds (HEERF) Program

Award Date: October 15, 2021 

Program Overview

This program supports faculty in developing authentic, hands-on, course-based research and creative activities projects for the purpose of (re-)engaging students in their academic work to promote retention and academic success following pandemic-related disruptions. We invite faculty to apply to one of two cohorts – depending upon your course schedule, level of interest and investment.

A working definition of authentic undergraduate research is a learning experience in which students use the practices of a discipline to discover knowledge of interest to stakeholders beyond the classroom. It is well documented that research experiences are developmentally powerful and significantly impact the academic trajectory (Egan et al. 2013; Linn et al. 2015).   These activities traditionally occur in individual faculty-mentored contexts like summer research programs; embedding the experiences within the curriculum makes this high-impact practice more equitably accessible.

Participating faculty will join a learning community to explore the role of students as authentic researchers in their disciplines and adapt one or more courses to embed a research activity.  Implementation of the adapted course(s) will be in either Spring 2021 (Cohort 1) or Fall 2022 (Cohort 2).  Each faculty participant in Cohort 1 will also be funded to support one or more course-embedded peer research mentors to support the course activity. 


  • All faculty—lecturers and tenured/tenure-track—are eligible for this program. “Research and creative activities” encompasses all fields; faculty from all disciplines are encouraged to apply.
  • Special consideration will be given to applications that highlight potential impact on retention and academic progress (e.g., lowering DFW rates), closing equity gaps, curbing feelings of social and intellectual isolation, and building resiliency for post-pandemic learning.  While courses at any undergraduate level are eligible, preference will be given to those in the lower division (100- and 200-level).

Two Program Cohorts

The program gives participants the opportunity to join one of two cohorts, as detailed on the second page.  Each cohort will function as a “community of practice,” in which people with similar interests learn together by sharing information, tools, ideas, and resources.  The expertise resides with the participants as they explore the subject together and provide mutual support. 

Cohort 1: Fall 2021 Start

This cohort will meet starting in Fall 2021 for collaborative exploration, research project development, and planning for implementation of CUReCAP in a Spring 2022 course.

Deliverables:  New or revised syllabus for Spring 2022, research/creative activity assignment sequence, explanation of the role of the peer research mentor, assessment plan, and a final report

Additional Expectations:  

  • Report on the project at the 4th Annual Tipping Point Student Success Summit, January 19, 2022.
  • Provide support to Cohort 2 (feedback, troubleshooting problems, etc.) as they develop their CUReCAP in Spring 2022. This will involve 3-4 meetings or consultations with Cohort 2.
  • Support Peer Mentor(s) who will join the course to support undergraduate research and activities

Compensation:  $5,000 for full scope of program work

Cohort 2: Spring 2022 Start

This cohort will meet starting in Spring 2022 for collaborative exploration, research project development, and planning for implementation of CUReCAP in a Fall 2022 course.  This cohort will be supported by faculty from Cohort 1. 

Deliverables:  New or revised syllabus for Fall 2022, research/creative activity assignment sequence, explanation of potential role of the peer research mentor (funding pending for mentors in Cohort 2), assessment plan, and a final report

Compensation:  $3,000 for full scope of program work

2021-2022 CUReCAP Faculty Awardees

Cohort 1

AgricultureABUSJacob Brimlow
Behavioral and Social SciencesANTHDavid Eaton
PHHAChristine Leistner
PHHAStephanie Machado
SWRKMichele Eggers
SWRKHeather Werner
BusinessFNMKYoungsu Lee
Communication and EducationCMASJennifer Malkowski
Humanities and Fine ArtsENGLCorey Sparks
Natural SciencesGEOSHannah Aird
MATHKathy Gray
NFSCKeiko Goto
Undergraduate EducationFYEPNate Millard

Cohort 2

AgricultureAGRTatevik Avetisyan
BusinessMKTGKathryn Mercurio
Communication and EducationKINERyan Perkins
Natural SciencesMATHThomas Mattman
MATHVardayani Ratti
GEOSRachel Teasdale
PHYSJoseph Pechkis

Instructional Student Assistants

Bruce Avila



Amy BartelinkAlbartelink@csuchico.eduZoom
Sarai Canoscano@csuchico.eduZoom
Britteny Dessellebmdesselle@csuchico.eduZoom
Natalie Lawlornalawlor@csuchico.eduZoom
Erika Elizabeth Lopezelopez109@csuchico.eduZoom
Maximus Paglieimdpagliei@csuchico.eduZoom
Ashley Phaleralphaler@csuchico.eduHolt 116: T 3-4; W 10-11
Douglas Alex Richardsdarichards@csuchico.eduZoom
Diego Tenadtena@csuchico.eduZoom
Fernando Trujilloftrujillo@csuchico.eduZoom
Christian Vancilcvancil@csuchico.eduArts 237: R 11-12:30

For Additional Information Contact

Kate McCarthy kmccarthy@csuchico.edu or Brandi Aranguren baranguren@csuchico.edu