We are the outreach branch of the counseling center at Chico State.  We strive to end the stigma behind mental health and create a community of resilience.  Your mental wellbeing should be what comes first and we are here to remind you.  By promoting bystander intervention and suicide prevention we hope to inspire you to do the same.

Chatter with UMatter
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Schedule a virtual "Take Back Your Life" presentation to discuss suicide prevention and mental health.  To schedule please email 

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Instagram for updates, resources and happy thoughts. 

Our Blog with posts written by our UMatter interns discussing mental health, well being and being a college student.

Chatter with UMatter is our podcast. Listen to the interns have relatable conversations about their mental health and how it's effected.

Spotify playlists created by our interns to match your mood, because whatever it is, it's valid.

TikTok for helpful happy reminders that self care is important.