Our Intern Team

Alisandra Macias

Psychology Major, Double Minor in Child Development and Diversity Studies 

Alisandra MaciasI am from Lemoore, California where I attended Lemoore Middle College High School and graduated in 2017. 

I joined UMatter to help spread awareness of mental health issues and to help end the stigma surrounding it. I am excited to reach out to the students on campus and to gain more information about mental health illnesses myself. I believe that this program will be a great experience for the career I want to pursue. I hope to become a clinical psychologist for adolescents and I cannot wait for the opportunities I will gain through UMatter. 

My favorite self-care activities include going for walks, writing devotionals and watching my favorite movies. 

Amanda Haydock

Multicultural Gender Studies Major with an emphasis in Women's Studies, Class of 2019

Amanda Haydock I am a Chico local and attended high school at Durham High, I graduated in 2015. 

I joined UMatter because mental health has always been something myself and the people I love have had to deal with. I know the struggles personally and wanted an opportunity to help others who may be feeling this way as well. I also joined because I wanted to be part of a community organization on campus that helps others. I love spreading the word about UMatter and the services offered because I feel like more people should know that the school offers theses services, for free! I also enjoy researching information about related events, further educating myself on the subject. In the future I hope to work with disadvantaged people in the mental health field. 

My favorite self care activity is reading! Reading helps me relax and get my mind off of the things that are worrying me. 

Courtney Cogbill

Psychology Major, Double Minor in Child Development and Health & Wellness, Class of 2020

Courtney Cogbill I am from Sonoma Valley where I attended Sonoma Valley High School and graduated in 2016. 

I joined UMatter because I had good friends in it and was very drawn to helping spread the word about mental health and what we can do to take care of ourselves. I enjoy helping others and getting to know new people. I also like educating others on the subject of mental health. It is important to know how to take care of ourselves and how we can help our friends and family as well. In the future I hope to possibly get a Master’s degree and I want to help/work with children in some way that I can. I also want to travel the world and experience new cultures. 

My favorite self-care activities include exercising such as hiking, as well as doing yoga and cooking healthy meals. 

Elle Dieterich

Psychology Major, Child Development Minor, Class of 2020

Elle DieterichI am passionate about mental health and was interested in becoming an advocate for it, so I decided to join UMatter. For my self care activities, I turn on music and do watercolors during alone time 😄

Lizzie McCaffrey

Psychology Major, Child Development Minor, Class of 2020

Lizzie McCaffreyI am from San Francisco where I attended Saint Ignatius College Prep and graduated in 2016. 

I joined UMatter because I strongly believe in the mission statement of increasing awareness about mental health and mental illnesses on campus. I have had friends and family struggle with mental health, and I believe that increasing conversations about mental illness would encourage others to get the help they need without feeling ashamed or embarrassed. I enjoy talking and learning how to become a mental health advocate inside and outside of the internship. I hope to continue working with mental health in the future whether that be as a counselor or being a mental health advocate in whatever I decide to pursue. 

My favorite self care activity is going on walks with my friends or family. In Chico, my favorite places to walk are one mile or monkey face! 

Maya Shankar

Psychology Major, Criminal Justice Minor, Class of 2020

Maya ShankarI am from Los Angeles, more specifically a town called Thousand Oaks. There I went to Westlake High School and graduated in 2017. 

I joined UMatter because I personally deal with mental health issues and due to being a psychology major, I want to help others and end stigma around it. My favorite part about UMatter is probably putting on UMatter week. It’s a week of fun events we do during second semester to promote ourselves as well as trying to teach and help students around mental health issues and stress. 

My favorite self care activity would be either going to the gym to work out or playing basketball. I also enjoy drinking coffee and reading a favorite book, watching a favorite television show or watching basketball.

Sara Babar

Psychology Major, Triple Minor in Family Relations, Health & Wellness, and Ethics, Justice and Policy, Class of 2020

Sara BabarI am from Livermore where I attended Livermore High School and graduated in 2016. 

I joined UMatter to work collectively with a group of individuals who all have the same goal of spreading mental health awareness on campus and helping other college students thrive. I enjoy spreading knowledge and positivity about how UMatter can support Chico State students through our events and activities. I hope to eventually get my masters in Marriage and Family Therapy and/or School Psychology to create a positive impact on youth and families and support them in times of need.

My personal favorite self care activity is taking a walk around downtown Chico or bidwell and just enjoying being in the moment and getting fresh air.

Val Gudino

Pre-vet Animal Science Major, Class of 2022

Val GudinoI grew up in South Gate which is just a few minutes from Los Angeles and graduated in the class of 2018 at South Gate Senior High, home of the mighty might rams! I decided to join UMatter because mental health has been a touching part of my life and decided to help fight the stigmas surrounding the concept of poor mental health. UMatter allows us to promote positive mental health and little by little bring comfort in speaking about it, which is a really rewarding feeling. I hope to one day become a veterinarian while still being able to talk about my story and let people know that it is okay not to be okay, but in the meanwhile, catch me watching a ton of movies of all genres to relax and wind down.