Alcohol Matters

to promote a culture of harm reduction and responsible alcohol use.

Many students drink to relieve social anxiety, and many feel like they must drink to fit in. If you choose not to drink, you are not alone. If you choose to drink, be safe and be smart. There is nothing wrong with having a few cocktails with your friends, but binge drinking can be seriously dangerous.

Follow these tips for safe drinking:

  • Know the alcohol content of what you are drinking
  • Use a Beverage Alcohol Content chart to determine how many drinks is safe for your weight and sex
    • There are Smartphone apps available too
  • Use caution when participating in drinking games
  • Never drink with the intention to "black out"
  • Never get behind the wheel under the influence
    • Cabs in Chico are incredibly inexpensive, so save a few bucks at the end of the night for a cab

Chico State is truly a special place. We are a close-knit community committed to academic and personal success. Don't only drink safely for yourself, but also be aware of your friends and encourage them to drink safely.


Know your limit.

Each year, 1,825 college students die from unintentional alcohol-related incidents

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