UMatter Interns Work

UMatter Intern Blogs

Our interns are required to produce blogs each semester, to provide an creative outlet, and strengthen the connection/relatability with CSU students. These blogs range in diverse and unique topics usually related to mental health and typical college student stressors or trauma.

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UMatter Intern Vlogs

Our interns are also required to produce vlogs each semester, and those are posted on our YouTube Channel! This channel is about the wide variety of topics relating to mental health, resilience, school and life success, and social justice. Our content is created by our student interns and staff, and is driven by their passions.

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Chatter with UMatter Podcast

We have a podcast which we call Chatter with UMatter, this podcast is hosted by students for students! We post new episodes every Wednesday on our SoundCloud. This podcast covers things that effect not just college students but people as a whole. 

Click the link below to take a listen to our conversations which may relate to YOU! 

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