University Police

Lost and Found

Lost and Found is located inside Chico State's Information Center lobby, adjacent to the parking structure on the corner of West 2nd Street and Normal Ave.


Call 530-898-4636 to make arrangements to pick up your items. If you have found an item, please turn it in to the Information Center.

You can check for missing keys, glasses, clothing, notebooks, binders and other miscellaneous items in the Information Center lobby. 

Please note: state-issued keys will need to be picked up from the Key Shop(opens in new window); dorm keys are turned in to University Housing(opens in new window); Wildcat ID cards are turned in to the Wildcat Card Program(opens in new window) office.

Due to the high volume of Lost and Found property, the Information Center cannot store items longer than 30 days from the day received. After this period of time, items are donated to local charities. All property with an estimated value of more than $300 is turned in to the University Police Department. 

Chico State Information Center