University Police

Lost and Found

Campus locations with a propensity for collecting lost and found property, including the BMU, WREC, Meriam Library and University Housing, shall bring any serialized property [bicycles, laptops, cell phones, etc.], items of value [cash, jewelry, keys, etc.] and items containing personally identifying information [Wildcat cards, debit/credit cards, state-issued identification cards, passports, etc.] to UPD as soon as possible. UPD will attempt to identify the owner and will store the property as required by State law and department policy.

For any found property that is concerning in nature, including weapons or narcotics/narcotics paraphernalia, UPD Dispatch should be contacted at 530.898.5555. The Dispatcher will determine if an Officer needs to be sent to assess and/or collect the item(s).

If a storage location is available, all other found property, to include clothing and water bottles, can be stored in the building or area in which the property was found [i.e. property found in the WREC will be stored at a designated location in the WREC]. It is most likely the owners will return to the area in which the property was originally lost, and storing items locally maximizes the possibility of reuniting owners to their lost property. If no such “local” storage area is available, found property can be taken to UPD, where it will be kept in the lobby until it is claimed by an owner or collected by FMS Sustainability.

One weekday per month, remaining unclaimed found items will be collected in the morning by the FMS Sustainability. Those items will be taken to the BMU and displayed for several hours for campus community members to claim. Any unclaimed property at the end of the display period will be donated or otherwise disposed of in a manner to be determined by FMS Sustainability.

Due to the high volume of Lost and Found property, the University Police Department cannot store items longer than 30 days from the day received. After this period of time, items are donated to local charities. All property with an estimated value of more than $300 is turned in to the University Police Department. 

Please note: state-issued keys will need to be picked up from the Key Shop(opens in new window); dorm keys are turned in to University Housing(opens in new window); Wildcat ID cards are turned in to the Wildcat Card Program office.

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