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Frequently Asked Questions

UPE Alcohol Service

Changes to Policy for Catered Alcohol Service
What are the Approved On-Campus Event Locations for Alcohol Service?
  • Acker Gym
  • ARTS – Collaboration Space 2nd Floor
  • ARTS – Critique Space 2nd Floor
  • ARTS – University Galleries
  • ARTS – 111
  • ARTS – Recital Hall
  • Bell Memorial Union
  • Colusa 100A/B
  • Gateway Science Museum
  • Kendall Hall Rotunda First Floor and President’s Suite
  • Laxson Auditorium
  • MLIB – 4th Floor
  • MLIB – Valene Smith Anthropology Museum
  • Nettleton Stadium
  • PAC – Courtyard
  • PAC – Harlan Adams Theatre
  • Recital Hall Lobby
  • Rowland – Taylor Lobby
  • Sapp Hall
  • Selvester’s
  • Trinity Hall Gallery and Patio
  • Turner Gallery Lobby
  • University Farm and Pavilion
  • University Stadium
  • Warrens Reception Center
  • Yolo Lobby/Atrium
  • Other campus locations with special approval of Risk Manager and Director of University Public Engagement
Who can buy alcohol for University sanctioned events?

Alcohol for University sanctioned events may only be purchased by UPE concessions or a properly licensed caterer. No University staff or departments may purchase alcohol for events.

Can we accept donations of alcohol?

The University can accept a donation of wine or beer. The proper paperwork must be completed through the University Foundation and the proper acknowledgment and credit given to the benefactor.

The University wants alcohol stored on campus in a centralized location and not have stores of beer, wine or spirits scattered throughout campus. If you are receiving donated wine or beer UPE Concessions can receive it or you should turn it over to UPE when you receive it. UPE has several secure coolers and refrigerators.

What am I responsible for providing when using UPE concessions service?
  • Two 6' tables
  • Linens to cover tables to the floor so servers can store beverages and supplies under the table
  • Receptacles for trash and recyclables
  • If renting glassware - how many glasses and what type
  • If it is outdoors - coverage or shade over the tables
  • If it is a no-host bar - access to an electrical outlet for cash registers
Who can serve alcohol at University sanctioned events?

Only UPE Concessions Service (RF employees), approved third-party vendor or licensed caterers may serve alcohol at University sanctioned events. University staff, volunteers, or guests are not allowed to serve alcohol. Self-service by guests or patrons at events is not permitted.

Why is UPE allowed to serve alcohol?

UPE employs and trains servers through their concessions service under their auxiliary operation within the Research Foundation and insured through Auxiliary Organizations Risk Management Alliance (AORMA) insurance group. This reduces the liability and risk exposure to the University and staff who host events.

What funds can be used to pay for concessions service?

No state funds or student tuition/fees may be used to purchase alcohol. You may use University Foundation or Research Foundation funds to purchase alcohol.

Can my caterer serve alcohol?

Yes, caterers may serve alcohol at University sanctioned events. Ask your caterer if they provide this service.

Do I need an ABC license for my on-campus event?

UPE facilitates all ABC applications on behalf of clients. Events that require an ABC license include events where:

  • Alcohol will be sold
  • Alcohol will be available and the event is open to the public
  • There is an admission fee or purchased ticket and alcohol will be available
  • There will be a raffle or silent auction that includes unopened bottles of alcohol
  • Fundraising will take place alcohol is available

If you are unsure if you need an ABC license contact UPE.

What is the difference between an open bar, no host bar, and table service?
  • Open Bar: No alcohol sales. Drinks are made available to guests, for free, at a freestanding bar managed by UPE concessions or an approved and licensed caterer. Concessions are paid for by the host.
  • No-Host Bar: Guests pay for their own drinks at a freestanding bar managed by UPE concessions or an approved and licensed caterer. Requires an ABC license.
  • Table Service: No alcohol sales. Drinks are poured for guests, by UPE concessions or an approved and licensed caterer, at their table as part of a meal or similar event. Concessions are paid for by the host.
What are reasons an Alcohol Use Request form would be rejected?

If you have questions about filling out the AUR, feel free to call UPE. Here are a couple of red flags on AURs:

  • A high number of students are expected to attend
  • The third-party vendor is not approved or properly licensed

Service at Chico Performances and North State Symphony Events

Why do we want to serve beer and wine at Chico Performances and North State Symphony events?

Over the years our Laxson patrons have asked us if this was an option and have told us they are used to having that level of patron experience when they visit other performance venues.

Do other Universities provide this service?

We looked at other successful university performance venues such as Mondavi Center at UC Davis, Carpenter Center at CSU Long Beach, and the Center for the Arts at Humboldt State and all currently serve alcohol as part of a complete patron experience. While the revenue from the sale of concessions will not be substantial, the availability of wine and beer at events will likely have a positive impact on overall ticket sales. Because of the thought and care that has gone into offering wine and beer at Chico Performances and North State Symphony events, and the restrictions listed in the information below, we do not believe this will encourage excessive consumption of alcohol.

How will Chico Performances and North State Symphony performances be supported?

Beer and wine along with coffee, sodas, water, and desserts will be available for purchase at most Chico Performances and North State Symphony performances before the performance and through intermission or 30 minutes before the end of the performance. All service will be provided by UPE Concessions and strictly follow University and ABC regulations.

Where in the theatres will beverages be allowed?

In Laxson Auditorium beverages will be served to ticketed patrons only from the lobby bar and the balcony bar and may be consumed in public lobby spaces, the Laxson patio, and in some cases inside Laxson Auditorium at the discretion of UPE and the client. In other performance and exhibition spaces beverages will be served from the lobby and may be consumed in the public spaces surrounding the theatre or gallery and inside the venue at the discretion of UPE and the client.

When will alcohol be served at Chico Performances and North State Symphony events?

Beer and wine will be served starting 45 minutes prior to the doors opening, through the end of intermission. No alcohol will be served after intermission.

Will alcoholic beverages be served at School of the Arts or Humanities events presented in theatres?

Alcoholic beverages will not be sold at student performances and events.