University Public Engagement

General Information

Alcohol service at on-campus events or off-campus university sanctioned events is approved through the University Public Engagement (UPE) office and through Risk Management. Alcohol Use Request forms are available on this page.



  1. Download and fill out the Alcohol Use Request Form (above). Digital signatures are accepted.
  2. Return the completed form at least 45 days prior to your event to UPE via email at
  3. The form will be completed within five (5) business days of receipt. If your event requires an ABC license the use form may be approved within five business days, but it can up to two weeks to receive the license.
  4. If you will be purchasing alcohol from UPE or you need UPE concessions service at your event, a representative will contact you to coordinate those items.

UPE Concessions Price List

Concessions Price List
WinePrice per Bottle
Bogle Cabernet$21.00
Bogle Chardonnay$21.00
BeerPrice per Bottle
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale$6.00
Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing$6.00
Farmers Light$6.00
Concessions ServersHourly Charge
Concessions Manager$24.00
Additional Concessions Servers$19.00
Additional Charges
Tax Rate8.25%
UPE Concession Service$125.00
Gratuity18% or $35- whichever is greater
RF Admin Fee8% of total costs

ABC One Day Wine/Beer License

Late fee for ABC license if requested less than 30 days prior to event

$50.00 (if needed)


Glass Ware Prices
Plastic GlassesNo Charge
Wine Glasses$2.00 each (plus tax)
Beer Glasses$2.00 each (plus tax)
Champagne Glasses$2.00 each (plus tax)

(If you need special accommodation to access documents on this page, please contact the Office of Accessible Technology and Services 530-898-6532.)

Changes to Policy for Catered Alcohol Service