2019–2020 SEASON AT A GLANCE SEPTEMBER 8 A Late Summer Chamber Music Recital: Beautiful, Bold, and Beethoven 13 Organ Recital Series: A Rothe Celebration 15 Sundays At Two: The Modern Clarinet FREE OCTOBER 5 The Daniel Hiestand Memorial Concert: A Noteworthy Cause FREE 12 Low Brass Choir and Alumni: Featuring Our Own FREE 17–20 Musical Theatre: The Rocky Horror Show 26 Fall Choral Concert: Hear the Joyful News 27 Sundays At Two: Space Age FREE NOVEMBER 2 Symphonic Winds: Classically Bands 3 Sundays At Two: Duo Seraphim FREE 9 Jazz X-Press: Soul-Ciology 13 Jazz II and Concert Band: Bach to Basie FREE 14–17 Theatre Production: She Kills Monsters DECEMBER 6–8 Festive Fundraiser: Glorious Sounds of the Season 13 Chico State Guitar Ensemble: Fall Recital FREE FEBRUARY 16 SundaysAtTwo:“If MusicBe the Foods of Love, Play On…” FREE 27 New Music Symposium: New Music by Student Composers FREE 28 New Music Symposium: Splinter Reeds FREE MARCH 1 Sundays At Two: It’s Trumpet Time FREE 5–8 Theatre Production: Servant of Two Masters 20–22 2020 Chico Bach Festival 20 J.S. Bach: Influences and Influence 21 Organ Masterclass FREE 21 Bach’s Leipzig Organ Works: History, Context, and Influences FREE 21 The Best of Bach 22 What’s Old is New APRIL 4 Jazz X-Press: The Smell of Jazz 11 Symphonic Winds: Acclamations 18 Spring Choral Concert: Poetry in Song 19 Sundays At Two: From the Other Side of the Danube FREE 22 Jazz II and Concert Band: A Serenade or Two FREE 25 Low Brass Concert: Á La The Golden Age FREE 30 Musical Theatre Production: In the Heights MAY 1–3 Musical Theatre Production: In the Heights 8 Chico State Guitar Ensemble: Strums and Plucks 10 Sundays At Two: An Afternoon of Jazz FREE T he College of Humanities and Fine Arts embraces e. e. cummings’ tenet that “once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit.” As a patron of the arts and humanities, you afford our students, faculty, guest artists and lecturers the inspiration to take a leap of faith, pursue their dreams, and have the confidence to follow their intellectual curiosities to conclusion. As a participant, you are given the opportunity to share in this journey of nurturing the human spirit, whether it be your own or someone else’s. Tracy R. Butts Interim Dean College of Humanities and Fine Arts NURTURE YOURSPIRIT 34 CHICO STATE SCHOOL OF THE ARTS 2019–2020