BEFORE&BEYOND:The50th AnniversaryoftheMoonLanding JUNE1–DECEMBER15,2019 Celebrate the human and technological achievements needed to reach the moon and envision a future Mars landing. Visitors to this interactive multimedia experience are immediately transported to a rich visual and audial landscape evocative of space itself. MISSIONAEROSPACE FEBRUARY1–MAY5,2020 Explore the history of flight, navigation, and NASA’s vision for the future. Experiment with thrust, lift, control surfaces, and gyroscopes. Build rockets and paper airplanes, then test them for distance and air-dexterity. PRESENTED BY MINOTAUR MAZES WILDFIRE:ABurningIssue FALL2019 A timely exhibit exploring the ecology of fire management and recovery and renewal, one year after the Camp Fire. Developed in collaboration with campus and community partners. BEAUTY&THEBEAST:California WildflowersandClimateChange MAY26,2018–JANUARY19,2020 Ponder breathtaking photographs showing how climate change is affecting a universal symbol of beauty: the wildflower. PRESENTED BY EXHIBIT ENVOY PHOTOGRAPHS BY ROB BADGER AND NITA WINTER PROGRAMS SCHOOLFIELDTRIPS: Hands-on and standards-based activities for K–12 HANDS-ON SCIENCE ACTIVITIES SATURDAYS12PM–2PM Investigations into technology, engineering, chemistry, biology, and more. MUSEUM WITHOUT WALLS LECTURE SERIES WEDNESDAYEVENINGSINOCTOBER ANDAPRIL Experts in their field share their knowledge for audiences of all ages. SCIENCE CHALLENGE DECEMBER21,2019–JANUARY19,2020 Join in a community-curated science challenge. FREE ADMISSION FOR CSU, CHICO STUDENTS TO BECOME A SPONSOR OR TO MAKE A DONATION TO THE GATEWAY SCIENCE MUSEUM, VISIT 51 1 celebrating years February2020