MFACULMINATINGEXHIBITION JoryHarms MARCH 30–APRIL 4, 2020 Artist Talk and Reception: Thursday, April 2 | 5:30 PM Headley Gallery Presenting new sculpture by Master of Fine Arts candidate Jory Harms. BERNIELUBELL AUGUST 29–OCTOBER 12, 2019 Artist Talk: Thursday, August 29 | 5:30 PM Rowland Taylor Recital Hall Exhibition Reception and Gallery Talk: Thursday, September 19 | 5:30 PM Based in San Francisco since the 1970s, Bernie Lubell creates interactive sculptural installations based on his studies in psychology and engineering. His work explores the relationship between humans and machines, where viewers become active participants. Lubell’s projects have included a stone-age digital computer, a rainstorm of chaos and nostalgia, a phone booth-confessional communications network, and a simulation of the human heart as mechanical device. Trong Gia Nguyen | Win Win, 2013 Acrylic paint, wood, mirror, vinyl 65th ANNUAL JURIEDSTUDENTEXHIBITION APRIL 20–MAY 16, 2020 Juror Talk: Thursday, April 9 | 5:30 PM Rowland Taylor Recital Hall Awards Ceremony and Reception: Thursday, April 30 | 5 PM Rowland Taylor Recital Hall The AnnualJuriedStudentArtExhibition featuresworkssubmittedbyChicoStateart studentsandselectedbyaguestjuror.Ahighly anticipatedevent,theexhibitionpresentsa rangeofapproaches,concepts,andmaterials, includingceramics,painting,printmaking, photography,sculpture,anddigitalmedia. Kara Maria | Earth Shattering | 2019 | acrylic on canvas APAINTINGSHOW OCTOBER 24–DECEMBER 15, 2019 Curator Talk and Reception: Thursday, October 24 | 5:30 PM Rowland Taylor Recital Hall A Painting Show investigates the diverse strategies emerging in contemporary painting. Highlighting work by California artists, the exhibition reveals an energized proliferation of an age- old media that has been influenced by digital technology, the history of abstraction, installation art, as well as social and political concerns. Curated by Kelly Lindner and Kara Maria CATHYLU JANUARY 30–MARCH 14, 2020 Artist Talk and Reception: Thursday, January 30 | 5:30 PM Zingg Recital Hall Working primarily in ceramics, Bay Area artist Cathy Lu explores trans-cultural experiences through the appropriation and decontextualization of traditional Chinese art and its perception in the West. For the Jacki Headley Gallery, Lu will be creating a large-scale ceramics installation inspired by the ancient Chinese myth of the Immortal Peach Garden and its biblical counterpart, the Garden of Eden. Bernie Lubell | Suffiicient Latitude | Installation | 1999 Cathy Lu | Peach Garden | Installation | 2018 Irving Street Projects | San Francisco 53