57 TICKETS: 530.898.6333 • ChicoStateTickets.com • SchoolOfTheArts-CSUChico.com • ChicoPerformances.com AMUSEMENTPARKSCIENCE MAY 27—SEPTEMBER 3 Learn about the laws of physics as you play with fun, hands-on amusement park rides and games. Create your own roller coaster to explore kinetic energy. Experience momentum on a spinning platform. How fast (and high) can your imagination go? ZOOINYOU: THEHUMANMICROBIOME SEPTEMBER 23—JANUARY 7 Explore the vibrant world of our inner microorganisms through engaging, interactive, and bilingual exhibits. Discover who our constant microbial companions are, where they live, and how important they are to our personal health. BRAIN—THEWORLD INSIDEYOURHEAD JANUARY 20—MAY 6 This fascinating, interactive exhibit takes you on a virtual reality “brain cruise” with 3-D displays that put you in the middle of an electrical “brainstorm.” EVENINGTOTREASURE APRIL 28 Join us for an elegant evening of dining and auctions. All proceeds support the mission and programming of the Gateway Science Museum. Made possible by Pfizer. Produced in collaboration with the National Institute of Health. Produced by Discovery Center Museum, Rockford, Illinois with funding from the National Science Foundation. Produced and toured by the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. Made possible by a Science Education Partnership Award (SEPA) from the National Institute of Health. Honor a loved one or memorialize your passion for science with the gift of a permanent paver in the Founder’s Plaza. To become a Sponsor or make a donation to the Gateway Science Museum visit www.csuchico.edu/ gateway/participate