8 CHICO PERFORMANCES 2019–2020 Ukulele Wizard ANEVENINGWITH JAKESHIMABUKURO The ukulele, with its humble four strings and modest two-octave range, is an instrument limited only by the imagination and creativity of the person playing it, and Jake Shimabukuro’s imagination is limitless. The American ukulele virtuoso and composer known for his fast and complex finger work dazzles audiences whether playing rock anthems or his own compositions. His most recent CD, Nashville Sessions, is one of his most adventurous, multifaceted and engaging records to date, blending elements of jazz virtuosity with heartfelt melodicism. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 19 7:30 PM | LAXSON AUDITORIUM $35 PREMIUM | $28 ADULT | $26 SENIOR $15 YOUTH & CHICO STATE STUDENT