Upward Bound Projects

Justin Henry

Program Coordinator

A Quote That You Like/Live By?

"How can the sky be the limit when there's footprints on the moon?"

Who I Am

I am a first-generation low-income student who came from humble beginnings. Growing up with just my mom and sister I had to grow up pretty quickly. I'll never forget my first job at 14 running around the local water park in my bucket hat keeping it clean. I try to improve myself and others on a daily basis and always try to enjoy the little things. Transferring from Shasta College up in Redding to Chico State was a dream come true because I remember thinking of it as this impossible mountain to climb. I was fortunate enough to get involved with TRIO programs such as UB since 10th grade and I am proud to say I've been with them ever since! After graduating Chico State with my Bachelors in Psychology in 2014, I begin my professional career in programs that helped first-generation low-income students like myself. Even when it gets crazy, it's a dream come true and hard to call work.

What My Interests Are

If I could live life on a board I would! I love snowboarding during the winter months and wakeboarding out at the local lakes all throughout summer. I love the thrill of an adventure, so you could almost always find me out at Bidwell Park or up at Table Mountain. When I'm not pretending I'm Indiana Jones, I enjoy discovering all the different types of music out there and if I'm lucky enough, learning it on my guitar!

Why Upward Bound is Important to Me

Upward Bound is very much so a family. I like to think when students enter the program, so do their families. To be able to have a significant effect on these students and in turn have them inspire or spread that effect makes this program so impactful. Upward Bound allows students one of the most unique and significant opportunities of their life's, the opportunity to see what University life and a College lifestyle feels like before they have to do it for real. Giving them the support they need throughout the year and letting them know that their post-secondary journeys will never be done alone brings me great pride and joy.

If you want to communicate with me, my e-mail address is jhenry18@csuchico.edu.