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Upward Bound Projects

Summer Exchange

Upward Bound has a student exchange program, which is a great opportunity for those that have been with us in previous summers to experience something new. The student exchange program gives you the chance to explore other parts of California and Hawaii. You don’t have to be in the Math/Science program to apply but you must have already completed a summer with us.

Monterey Peninsula
This summer program is centered around a theme that brings together the science, math, and communication components of education in a fun and interesting way. You will go on field trips around the community to local industries, marine labs, or even the beach! This is a great program if you are considering marine biology as a potential major.

UC Berkeley
Are you a sophomore?! Then this summer program is right for you! This program includes classes, social/cultural workshops, field trips to scientific exhibits, and possibly even a Giants or A’s baseball game! Go live in a dorm for six weeks at UC Berkeley!</p

Hilo University
This six-week program is also located in Hawaii! You will be staying on campus, while taking English, math, and science classes. You’ll be going on field trips and being exposed to the Hawaiian culture!

For more information email Justin Henry