University Staff Development Programs

USDP Advisory Committee

The University Staff Development Advisory Committee is charged with providing advice and assistance for the planning effort required to implement staff professional development programs. The Committee will:

  • Survey staff and managers for desired professional development opportunities.
  • Analyze needs and make recommendations.
  • Recommend program and courses for supervisory development.
  • Provide ideas for mentoring programs.
  • Propose training plans and options, assist with implementation.
  • Review individual/group requests for training and make recommendations.

Committee Composition

Membership Composition

The Advisory Committee shall include a cross-section of the University’s staff representing: the divisions of Academic Affairs, Business and Finance, Student Affairs, and University Advancement; each of the collective bargaining units; and campus training coordinators.

Committee Appointments

Advisory Committee appointments shall be made by the Vice Presidents using a formula of one (1) committee member per 100 staff/MPP positions. Appointments should include representation of each of the division’s bargaining unit. The chairs of the committee will notify the Vice President(s) when a vacancy occurs and where there is a deficiency in collective bargaining representation.

Training Coordinators

Training Coordinator appointments shall be made by the Vice Presidents and each division shall have at least one training coordinator appointed to the committee. Training Coordinators shall have no specified term and must be designated as such to serve on the committee. The Chair(s) of the Committee will notify the Vice Presidents when a vacancy occurs.

Staff Representatives

Membership shall be for a term of up to two (2) years, and shall not exceed four (4) years. Terms will begin July 1 and end June 30. Appointments made after July 1 will conform to the fiscal year appointment schedule.

The initial appointments of staff representatives may be for one to two years to create the staggering of terms. The ending date of the term will be established prior to the appointment.

Committee Roles and Responsibilities

The advisory committee will meet approximately twelve (12) times per year. Members will be expected to attend meetings and contribute sufficient time to address the continued development and implementation of the professional development programs.

Committee members will provide strategic advice to ensure the success of University Staff Development Programs through its special projects, conferences, and professional development trainings and educational programs. The advisory committee will focus on recommending content and delivery of the University Professional Development Programs, and the allocation of resources. The committee may be asked to review surveys and data to evaluate and provide feedback on topics such as educational offerings, initiatives, partnerships and other activities related to the success of the program.

Review Contact Us page for listing of current USDP Committee members.