Veterans Education and Transition Services (VETS)

Considering the Needs of Veterans

Considering the Needs of Student Veterans with Disabilities

It is estimated that 23%-31% of veterans of OIF/OEF have PTSD symptoms and 20% have mild TBIs. Some of these vets are coming to our campus. Student veterans may be experiencing these or any disabilities for the first time. They may be unaware of services on campus for people with an identified disability.

Veterans may also not want to self identify as having a disability. They may not want to disclose problems because of social stigma. Identification of a disability may have implications for future in the military for those who are still active service members or those who are seeking to go back into military service after school.

As a Faculty Member You Should Know

Do not ask or suggest that the student veteran/service member has a disability but instead inquire about the issues he/she is experiencing to better provide the appropriate resources. Become familiar with information provided on Accessibility Resource Center (A.R.C.) website(opens in new window) for those who may request such services. Students may need extra help navigating the system and understanding what help is available. Provide the student with contact info for A.R.C. office, if requested. Assist student veteran in making an appointment, if needed.

Things To Remember

  • Student veterans are a unique population with different experiences.
  • There are numerous ways to help student veterans and service members just as there are for other students.
  • Developing trust with this population is important.
  • Following-up with student veterans and service members and carrying out what you say you will is essential.
  • Some veterans and service members may not want to bring attention to their service. There may be many reasons for this, one of which is that he/she may not wish to speak of his/her experiences. If a veteran or service member openly discusses his/her experience, do not interrupt, do not minimize, and most importantly do not offer your political beliefs.