Veteran Education Transition Services (VETS)

Cal Vet Tuition Waiver

Dependents of disabled Veterans (0-100% rating) may be eligible to have their tuition waived.

  • Chico State VETS office does not establish eligibility for this program. Please refer to the Cal Vet website for details on how to apply.
  • Cal Vet tuition waiver only applies to tuition costs. Campus fees are not waived by this benefit.
  • Summer and Winter sessions charge extension fees which are not waived by this program. There might be an exception for a few state-supported courses (contact us).

See our Cal Vet handout (PDF) for frequently asked questions. 

Note: Student's eligible for the Cal Vet tuition waiver concurrently with Federal VA education benefits (e.g. Chapter 33, Chapter 35). In your portal, request your Federal benefits first, and attach your Cal Vet approval letter to this request. In the questions / instructions section please annotate that your request for federal benefits includes your Cal Vet approval letter.

Please refer to the how-to guide (PDF) for instructions on submitting your Cal Vet tuition waiver approval letter through the Chico State portal(opens in new window).