Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

RSCA Grants for Research, Scholarly and Creative Activities

RSCA management guidance for project directors and for campus administrators (college AA/S and department ASC)


Grants for Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity (RCSA) support faculty in their disciplinary productivity and achievement, such as creative original works and exhibits, basic and applied research resulting in peer-reviewed publication(s), and preparation and submittal of extramural funding proposals to facilitate continued RSCA. RSCA funds represent a significant investment in faculty and commitment to the University’s mission in serving California and the nation. 

The grant application cycle is typically announced early each spring semester.

RSCA grants are allocated by CSU Chancellors Office: RSCA grant funds are provided by the CSU Chancellors Office and are awarded to faculty through a competitive process on each CSU campus. Applications will be reviewed by the Chico State Academic Senate-approved Internal Research Grants Committee (IRGC). The IRGC makes the recommendations for awards to CSE’s Chief Executive Officer, who also serves as our campus’s Chief Research Officer.


All faculty in the R03 Bargaining Unit and in any discipline are eligible to apply. This includes tenured/tenure-track, part-time, temporary, non-tenure track, and FERP faculty (project is to be during teaching semester only). Applicants must be in the R03 Bargaining Unit at the time of application and during the proposed project period.  A faculty member 1) may apply for no more than one RSCA grant in any given competition cycle; 2) can only be awarded one grant every three years (meaning a 2-year gap between submissions); and 3) must have submitted final reports for all previously funded RSCA grants. 

Funds Availability and Timing: Availability of RSCA grants is dependent upon annual allocation of funds from the Chancellors Office. The grant application cycle is typically announced early each spring semester.

RSCA Roles and Responsibilities


  • Apply for RSCA grant via InfoReady Portal following the application instructions
  • If awarded, work with campus RSCA admins to manage your grant expenses and track your spending
  • Adhere to your project period timeline
  • Request changes to spending categories or your timeline via email
  • Submit final report

Chico State Enterprises

  • Announce and manage the annual RSCA campus competition
  • Communication and coordinate activities with the IRG Committee
  • Communications with RSCA applicants
  • Create and manage applications via InfoReady; and IRGC review documents and process
  • Facilitate IRGC award determination meeting
  • Inform awardees and non-awardees
  • Send campus Budget Office and AA/S the awardee names, budgets and budget justifications
  • Respond to CSU Chancellors Office reporting requirements

Campus Budget Office and college AA/S

  • Budget office receives Chancellors Office RSCA funds
  • When AA/S receives notice that the funds are ready to spend, they inform the awardees about the spending process/procedures
  • AA/S works with awardees to ensure spending is within awardee budget and categories
  • AA/S periodically updates awardees on their budget balances to stay on track, ensure spending limits, and remind of project period
  • AA/S assigns proper chartfield strings and program codes
  • Budget office sends monthly RSCA Financial Summary to AA/S and to CSE
Dr. Gorman works with a student in the lab

Apply for a RSCA grant

The RSCA grant application period occurs each year during spring semester. Please look for an Employee Announcement in early spring semester for the deadline date and application instructions.

The web-based Internal Grants Portal(opens in new window), provides faculty an easy-to-use system to apply for internal research grants at Chico State. The portal includes grant submittal, review and approval, and project reporting functions.

Need to change your RSCA award budget or project period?

Budget change:

  • Budget change approval must be requested if:
    • Variance from any approved budget category of over 20%
    • Any change to reimbursed time (course buy-out)
  • Email your request to Julie Jessen in CSE, and cc: your department chair and your college AA/S.
  • Budget changes are allowed without written approval if the variance for any budget category is less than 20%.

Project period change:

  • If you want to request a time extension to expend your funds, please email Julie Jessen and cc: your college AA/S.